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Posted on: Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hector Kunene’s ‘Through the Tunnel’ – a book review

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Hector Kunene

Hector Kunene

Hector Kunene is a young and aspiring South African poet. He was born in Hammarsdale in 1982, a place where politics reigned with bloodshed and burning of houses for the fight of dominance between the ANC and the IFP around 1989. Hector is a first born in the family with 2 siblings. He started working after completing his matric, but his love of art and poetry, which began in high school, continued. As an as yet unpublished author, one of his Poems, “Bloody Corpuscles” appeared in Sunday World and this inspired Victor to complete his first offering, an anthology called Through The Tunnel

As a columnist for the newspaper Free State News, he is humbled to be part of history in the making, playing a role in the Bloemfontein community to enlarge knowledge and spread the word of knowledge and peace. He has enjoyed creating this book …

From the Publisher
This new poet came to me via the website and ever since, we have shared a journey together and I believe his poetry will be read by many South Africans. This anthology is a must read!

Bring your smile my angel and light up the day for the time has come to heal and reveal
These memories I possess of the night before haunt me to kill and uphill what I feel
I ought to capture such moments as these joyously and freely
This land smells the honey which was dangerously hunted dearly
It took courage and bravery to hit the bull’s eye and celebrate the victory.

The above is taken from stanza 3 inside Through The Tunnel. Ravaging with words that capture the attention. You would swear that this is a writer of young and old, well it is true – he is not far away from middle age! His gift is to select and utilize words skillfully. Through The Tunnel boasts a flair of energized structure and an upright spine of senses. This South African writer is bound for the best walks of life.

He has been inspired by the gift and pursued it to honour his source of life. This thrilling masterpiece will go as far as the four corners of this earth.

About the Author, Victor Kunene
“The death rate is bound to dramatically decrease if we can all read or be read by more, especially the African house.” – Hector ‘poet’ Kunene.

Hector Kunene Book Reading

Hector Kunene is a South African young and aspiring poet. He was born in Hammarsdale in 1982.A place where the politics reigned with bloodshed and the burning of houses for the fight of dominance between the ANC and the IFP in general around 1989.  He is a first born in the family with 2 other siblings. He worked in his life just after completing his matric and the love of art and poetry continued from there on after it all began in high school. His work is yet to be published, one of the Poems he wrote called Bloody Corpuscles appeared on Sunday World and from there on he continued to complete his first offering, an anthology called Through The Tunnel.

The poem Bloody Corpuscles is about alarming the use of the specific words when talking especially to the young ones. He emphasizes on calling a spade a spade to get the message across. His performance include places called Caprivi in Tembisa North, Johannesburg, where he would normally attend weekly poetry sessions and perform with artist from all spheres who would come and showcase their gifts. As he hails from Kwazulu Natal he is a Zulu who still speaks a breasted language thou he spent the rest of his high school life in Johannesburg from 1996 to 2001. His poems are mainly in English but he throws in Zulu poems like Izinkomo Zobaba and Maye Kufa which are normally shared at occasionally. He has worked with several artists in the Free State in compilation of an African language book called Dikarabo tsa Bophelo which features 2 of his poems. This book promotes the writing in indigenous languages and to preserve the mother tongue in writings. The African language book is yet to be published.

Through the Tunnel by Hector KuneneAbout the Book, Through the Tunnel
“Through the tunnel is not to be classified under the collection of South African Poetry achievers but a display of genuine and raw testimonies, flowing and hailing from the mountains and hills of Hammarsdale in the only province in the country with the surname Kwazulu Natal and emerges with full manifestation on the flat landscapes and uneven slopes of the Free State within the city of Roses Bloemfontein.  H. S. Kunene is the gift not yet realized, potential and pride of the country not yet unfolded, an onion with many layers and a big fruit with thorns but sweet in the inside. His biographical submission and childhood portrays the shaping and sharpening of indescribable charisma that birthed this fine matured work” – By Apostle Dumisani Mvula.

“For a large number of people around the world there is something universal, irresistible and quite burnished about the genre of poetry. Hence poets, in a medley, and cornucopia of languages, are found in virtually every conceivable nook and cranny of the world …” This is Hector Kunene’s first work comprising poetry; his first book actually. Here is a young man who exudes unbridled dynamism, confidence and eloquence, a gentleman with quite a flair for words; so much in love with the genre of poetry that it practically hurts! (laughs). It is easy enough to say that this book contains about sixty two that are infused with the characteristic passion, candor, confidence and brio of the author, Hector. But I’d rather say – let us celebrate this collected work of a new young poet! Vito celebratio est. Thank you.” by Omoseye Bolaji (Omoseye Bolaji is the author of books of poems like Snippets, Reverie, and Poems from Mauritius).

Excerpt from the book
A Life Of A Woman
So peaceful and merciful with giggles and dimples
So joyous and gorgeous an infant is born
So tangible and sweet with tiny hands and feet
So spontaneous and dynamic like dynamites fleet
She bears a smile so contagious one would feel glad
She clutches her strength and revels with joy
She beautifies the midst of a barren woman
She asserts the truth and makes one seize the beauty possessed
She cries on fowls and celebrates on crowns
She is merely angry thus dimples do greet
She feeds the needy on streets and stays fit
She brings out the best on worst with no frowns
So sentimental you’ll wonder her precious gift
So marveling in excellence just watch what she touches
So soft yet so strong though life is not so thrill
So tears do bear her utmost sunset
Her belly carries life that she treasures in pain
Her qualities outshines her birth given capabilities
Her motives redefine the strength of her character
Her joy is to potter a life that succeeds beyond boundaries

For additional information or to purchase this book, visit the New Voices Publishing website and see Through the Tunnel.

About New Voices Publishing
New Voices Publishing offers the South African author new alternatives – giving unpublished authors the platform to have a voice. New Voices Publishing puts a new face on publishing! We will publish anything from the big blockbuster to the specialist niche subject. Do you have a story to tell? Romance, history, natural sciences, arts, travel, economics, biographies – you name it, we can publish it!

Barbara Mueller


Barbara is the Founder of New Voices Publishing, a Boutique Publishing House that offers the South African author new alternatives - giving unpublished authors the platform to have a voice. New Voices Publishing puts a new face on publishing. Barbara has published a wide range of books from big blockbusters to specialist niche subjects, including romance novels, history, natural sciences, arts, travel, economics and biographies. Barbara loves living out in the country tending to her extensive organic garden and having fun with her hubby and their pets, the chickens!

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What Others are Saying

8 comments about Hector Kunene’s ‘Through the Tunnel’ – a book review
  1. September 22nd, 2010 at 10:58
    Rethabile Zilila says:

    Hector is a great soul and a generous spirit.
    Through the tunnel brings him forth as the great writer he is…aware and intune

  2. September 22nd, 2010 at 13:30
    Skietreker says:

    The foreword of the book captures you and the pieces so frank,
    beautiful pictures the calabash spoke volumes. great one Hp. congrats again

  3. September 22nd, 2010 at 21:55
    Tiisetso M Thiba says:

    I take off my hat to salute Mr Kunene for a great job.He is unverge and he is keen to paper and the pen to keep on writing unspoken words because he is the mirror of the society and we can see ourself through him, he can predict our future through his vision because THROUGH THE TUNNEL WE CAN SEE THE LIGHT.SALUTE MR KUNENE.

  4. September 24th, 2010 at 12:21
    Raphael Mokoena says:

    Mr Kunene is a man really to be watched on the literary scene. the snippets provided on his book (I am yet to see the book) shows the poet’s talent is up there; as he really loves his craft. I understand his second book, a literary study – my favourite genre – is just around the corner

  5. September 25th, 2010 at 16:08
    maxwell perkins says:

    Indeed this is a talented poet , i enjoy his columns in the Free State news and i hope there is more to come from him. Surely there is light at the end of the tunnel for him. Amanzla

  6. September 28th, 2010 at 11:14
    Malome Seye says:

    The consensus has shown that Hector is a born poet, with unbridled talent and stacks of passion for what he loves in toto. He’s certainly shaking the world of letters like a jugernaut…well done to him

  7. September 30th, 2010 at 12:28
    David wa Maahlamela says:

    Congrats my broer. Will get a copy soon. Am proud your achivement.

  8. October 4th, 2010 at 07:11
    Phillimon Tiego Tjale says:

    Mr Kunene keep the good job well done. congrats bafana…. Modimo wa mosa le lerato a go ete pele ka dinako tshohle, wena o moshale morago.