• Bitten by the whale watching bug Bitten by the whale watching bug We don’t realise how lucky we are in South Africa, and in particular the Western Cape, to have the mightiest of the marine mammals visit our coastline between every year ...
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  • 10 Amazing Game Lodges 10 Amazing Game Lodges South Africa is world renowned for her game reserves and wildlife. The lodges which allow us to experience these in luxury are no less awe inspiring. Our favourites are ...
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  • "World's most beautiful Cities" "World's most beautiful Cities" Open space makes Cape Town special. Renowned English sea navigator Sir Francis Drake once referred to Cape Town as the fairest cape in the world. The city houses the ...

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This category includes posts about things we really want to share with our readers but don’t “fit into” any of our standard categories. Posts include general news and things we are proud of … Visit SA-Venues.com to explore our beautiful country, South Africa.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Brazil Soccer World Cup fever – 15 facts you may not know

posted to: Miscellaneous

For a month, starting June 12th, Brazil will host 64 matches across the country.

That’s the other side of the world from South Africa, but it’s close enough to the 2010 World Cup to bring back memories of giant stadiums finished in time, kelp vuvuzelas, the Diski dance, the macaraba (hand-cut, hand-painted hard hat), and flags flying from car windows.

This time most of us will enjoy the games from the safety of our lounge. But nobody will forget the vuvuzelas. Or will they? Continued

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cape Town’s 25 commandments

And so it was that Jan Van Hunks descended from his lair on the slopes of Table Mountain to hand down two tablets, and a bottle of bubbly, to the people of Cape Town. Thereon was a list of commandments wherefrom, it followed, that citizens of Cape Town live happy and full lives perched on the peninsula between two oceans. The tablets read … Continued

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

10 uniquely South African foods

When you dream of Greece, you think moussaka. Italy brings pasta to mind. And where would Israel be without the falafel?

Yet South Africa does not really have one ubiquitous, national dish, a food typically associated only with the south of the continent; something like paella in Spain, hamburgers in America, or roast beef and Yorkshire pudding in England (although, admittedly, things have moved on a little in the UK).

Instead we have a number of dishes the rest of the world, and the locals, associate strongly with South Africa. Here are 10 uniquely South African foodsContinued

Monday, 5 May 2014

Where to get your cup of sustainable coffee in South Africa

There are few of us who can face a day without that initial cup to get us going. Coffee is big business as a result.

But if you, like me, prefer to marry your love of the bean with the knowledge that your cuppa is not only farmed in a way that maintains the ecology but also means that the small-scale coffee farmer is given a fair price for his beans, then there are a number of rather hip Fairtrade certified coffee roasteries on the market in South Africa you might want to try… Continued

Friday, 14 February 2014

South Africanisms everyone should know

posted to: Miscellaneous

With 11 official languages, it is no wonder that there is a lingo in South Africa that is completely unique to this diverse country of colours, tongues and cultures. While English is widely spoken and understood, visitors are encouraged to learn some of the local words, which hail from a combination of English, Afrikaans and the many African languages found here.

Here are some of the most significant South Africanisms … Continued

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

South Africa’s national symbols – a guide for dummies

I’m prepared to bet the average person knows our national flag, our national flower (king protea), and probably our national bird (blue crane). But when it comes to national symbols like the Order of the Baobab, the Order of Luthuli or even our national fish (the galjoen) some of us need a little help … Continued

Monday, 27 January 2014

18 Travel Trends for 2014

The latest Travel Trends for 2014 show South Africa and Cape Town are to be reckoned with, airports are becoming more liveable, mobile bookings are on the up, and travellers are demanding a more ‘local’ experience …

1 – Despite the recession, tourism continues to grow

2.5 billion internet users worldwide mean that countries like India and China have increased buying power, and are travelling more. Asia was 2013′s hot spot for travel, both incoming and domestic, and Southern Europe – Malta, Portugal, Croatia – expect a high tourist rate this year; higher than Northern Europe. Continued

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

How eco friendly is your tour operator, really?

Is your eco friendly tour operator really environmentally friendly? And how do you recognise one?

So many organisers of tours and trips these days attach the prefix ‘eco’ to their offering. How far reaching this ‘umbrella’ claim is depends on a number of issues. But when is it just a wishful title, and when is it credible? Continued

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An Interview with Joe Cloete of the Shamwari Group

Joe Cloete - Shamwari Group

Joe Cloete – Shamwari Group

Joe Cloete is the General Manager of the Shamwari Group, which represents the exquisite Shamwari Game Reserve just outside Nelson Mandela Bay.

This reserve has consistently been voted the World’s Leading Safari and Game Reserve and Conservation Company, and promises visitors an experience of sheer luxury.

Mr Cloete sheds some light on the lodge, its facilities, and what makes it so very special… Continued

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15 tips on how to save for your next trip

Friends often ask me how we manage to go away as often as we do. Somewhere in the disbelief at yet another trip, is the inference that we must have loads of money to be able to do as we do.

Far from it! Our monthly earnings would not make an investment broker sit up straighter. Our going away often has less to do with earning pot loads, and more to do with living frugally so that we have money over for fun – i.e. travel.

Here are a few ideas on how to find the money for travelling – Our 15 tips on how to save for your next trip Continued

Monday, 7 October 2013

Snapshot South Africa – 20 interesting and informative facts

South Africa is vast – 1 233 404 km² – making it the 25th largest country in the world, twice the size of Texas, and five times the size of Great Britain.

South Africa has the second highest waterfall in the world (the Tugela Falls)

And the third largest canyon in the world (Blyde River Canyon). Continued

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Where Will You Chop ‘n Dop On Braai Day?

24th September is National Heritage Day in South Africa, this public holiday was set by the government for South Africans to celebrate and enjoy our rich heritage. National Heritage Day is called something different by each culture, some call it Ukosa, others Chisa Nyama and of course Braai Day. The one thing in common is that we all commemorate the day by lighting a fire and enjoying fabulous food. It is tradition to braai on 24th September, which is exactly what I intend to do. If you are a visitor to the county and enjoying a holiday here, I suggest you get involved in the festivities and experience a good old South African braai … there is no better day for it! Continued

Friday, 20 September 2013

10 great ways to cope when your flight is delayed

You’re hemmed in on one side by a Japanese tour group making its way to Sun City, whilst the family next to you can barely contain their three-year old in the throes of an extraordinarily bad hair day, when there is a public announcement that your connecting flight is delayed.

Flight delays are a large part of the travel experience. They happen. But there are ways to survive them … Continued

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sussed on travel – 10 top tech travel gadgets

Sussed on travel – 10 top tech travel gadgets – Much as you’d love to have a holiday from them, rather than with them, when travelling, particularly overseas, there are some travel gadgets you just can’t leave at home… Continued

Monday, 16 September 2013

Travel Then and Now – 16 Changes

Ever wondered how much travel has changed in the last thirty or forty years?

For those of us who would be lost without cell phones, that’s going back to when unless a phone was plugged in at the wall, or you had access to a tickie box (aka pay phone or phone box), you would have to rely on the kindness of shop keepers, or random agony aunts, if you needed to make a call home.

But has travel improved? Have all the ‘progressive’ changes that have delivered an apparent simplicity to the travel experience been good for us? Continued