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The Garden Route

The Garden Route includes one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline. Between Heidelberg and Storms River, the Garden Route runs parallel to a coastline featuring lakes, mountains, tall indigenous forests, amber-coloured rivers and golden beaches … MORE \ The Garden Route or to find a place to stay visit Garden Route Accommodation or Garden Route Hotels on SA-Venues.com. (Popular searches for accommodation include Knysna, George and Plettenberg Bay).

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mossel Bay – 5 things to do in SA’s most mistakenly maligned town

Calling Mossel Bay a ‘harbour town’ is a misnomer. It does have a harbour, but ‘town’ suggests small, when in reality some 60 000 people live there. Mossel Bay is big enough to give the impression of a city. What adds to this impression is that it sprawls, merging seamlessly with the beach side villages of Klein Brak River, Reebok, Tergniet, Groot Brakrivier and Glentana so that the entire bay is a twinkle at night (provided Eskom isn’t load shedding).

Travel brochures tend to gloss over Mossel Bay’s domination by oil refineries; from the N2 they are all you can see between the highway and the harbour. Mossgas’ gas-to-liquids refinery meets 7% of the country’s liquid fuel needs, initiated 22 years ago when gas was discovered offshore.

As a result, light industry monopolises Mossel Bay to such a degree that one’s initial sentiment is to give the town a wide berth. How wrong this impression, and how much more Mossel Bay has to offer than one thinks… Continued

Monday, 13 October 2014

15 great Garden Route adventures (something for everyone)

The 200 km strip of coastline between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountains is one of the country’s most beautiful. A collection of beaches, mountains, ancient forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, artists’ communities, mountain hideaways, kloofs and bustling country towns combine in such an exceptional way that thousands of visitors visit every year.

The secret is to make enough time for the many adventures available to visitors.

Be warned: a week in the Garden Route is not long enough.

This list of 15 Garden Route adventures (that ranges from picnic sites to tandem skydiving) will help you get started… Continued

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The elusive Knysna elephants – do they exist?

It is a bit like tracking down the Yeti, or Big Foot – trying to find out about the Knysna elephants. Information about them is inadequate, tends to lapse into lengthy descriptions about their history, or is shrouded in mystery.

There are those who say they are so elusive that, if indeed they are there, they have yet to make their presence known.

Very little is conclusive about them. As a result, they have become figures of myth and legend; a mystery. Some people believe they do not exist at all… Continued

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dive into a day of fun at Redberry Farm

As you enter the farming area just on the outskirts of glorious George, you will notice never-ending rows of strawberries. The sweet smell entices you to enter Redberry Farm, which is the first tourist beacon you reach on this stretch of road. When you arrive, you are greeted with huge smiles from the ever so friendly staff who are all rather eager to share all their strawberry secrets with you.

Strawberry picking is super and here you can grab your container of choice before you are led to the ‘pick your own’ fields.  It’s so easy to keep eating and forget to fill your containers – I had to remind my family a number of times to fill their containers and not just their mouths. The scenery surrounding the farm is exquisite and I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and family. Continued

Monday, 14 October 2013

Let Your Bike And Your Stomach Rumble On The Gourmet Motorcycle Tour

What could be better that going on a bike ride, admiring phenomenal views, seeing a variety of places and enjoying sensational meals? Well you can enjoy all this and more on the Gourmet Motorcycle Tour. Although you get to experience so much more, it’s all really about the food you try along the way, so if you are after a gastronomical experience, then this is the tour for you. Continued

Friday, 11 October 2013

Are You A Fan Of White Fang? Then Come See The Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary

In Storms River on the Garden Route, you will find the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary which is the only non-profit centre in South Africa that houses 80 stunning wolves.

Established in 2000, the sanctuary aims to support survival of wolves around the world by educating people on the importance of all wildlife, teaching about wolves lives and how they associate with other animals, their relationship to humans, the importance of them remaining in their natural habitat and putting plans in place to preserve a healthy genetic line of wolves in the wild. Continued

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Garden Route Gardens – Mossel Bay Gardens in the Spotlight

Mossel Bay is nestled along the Western Cape portion of the world-famous Garden Route, which is known for its majestic beauty and its abundance of things to see and do. Tourist attractions include whale watching, shark cage diving, hiking, cycling, human origin tours, visiting the many historical sites and museums, and the magnificent beaches of this scenic stretch of coastline. However, the spectacular gardens to which Mossel Bay is home are now getting the prime opportunity to be enjoyed in a brand new way… Continued

Thursday, 3 October 2013
What to wear in South Africa

What to Wear in the Garden Route – The Garden Route Packing List

The Garden Route is one of South Africa’s most popular attractions. It is a stretch that extends from Storms River in the Eastern Cape to Mossel Bay in the Western Cape, and is known for its lush abundance and natural beauty. The route is more than the major motorway, the N2, which carries drivers along the southern coastline of South Africa. Rather, it offers a number of tourist attractions, fun activities and gorgeous vistas. Continued

Friday, 20 September 2013

6 Garden Route Nature Reserves for Wildlife, Aquatic And Birder Fanatics

For an unforgettable getaway with multitudes of leisure activities and things to do, stunning accommodation, exquisite scenery, a wildlife safari and more, visit the Garden Route.

The Garden Route has such a varied ecosystem and here you can find anything from rivers, forests, beaches, wetlands, dunes, mountain scenery, fynbos and more. This breathtaking area also has some fabulous game and nature reserves, with various hiking trails and birding opportunities, as well as the chance to see some large game, smaller animals and marine life. Continued

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I Love Noetzie Because …

I ♥ Noetzie

I ♥ Noetzie

Hi, I’m Richard from Noetzie Bay House, Craighross Castle and Lindsay Castle in Noetzie on the Garden Route.

Noetzie IS BEST KNOWN FOR its beach and castles.

GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN ON on Noetzie Beach with the impressive and unique Noetzie Castles as your backdrop. With the beautiful Indian Ocean and surrounding natural setting you can’t go wrong.

THE BEST wedding, honeymoon and family PICTURES CAN BE TAKEN AT the Noetzie River mouth or on the rocks.

OTHER HAPPY SNAPS AT any of our properties and castles.

WHEN THE WEATHER’S GOOD, I LIKE TO stroll on the pristine beach and dip my toes in the ocean. Continued

Monday, 16 September 2013

Whale Watching with Ocean Odyssey in the Garden Route

Knysna is one of the most popular destination towns along the esteemed Garden Route of South Africa. It is aesthetically charming, surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes and home to an abundance of attractions and activities. Knysna has a calm lagoon, which leads out to the Indian Ocean through a dramatic passage created by the twin mountain peaks known as The Knysna Heads. Beyond the peaceful lagoon lies a world of exciting exploration on the wild waters of the ocean … Continued

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Weekend in Tsitsikamma

Tsitsikamma was one the areas of the Garden Route where we spent a lot of time camping during my childhood holidays.  Still to this day when I think of Tsitsikamma and Storms River valley I think of lushious forests, bridges, untamed ocean and heaven for outdoor enthusiasts.  Tsitsikamma is the Khoi word for ‘a place of abundant water’. A weekend in Tsitsikamma is really is not long enough to stay here, but if it’s all you have, here are some must-do’s … Continued

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Whale Watching in Mossel Bay

The entire length of the Garden Route is a natural wonderland, brimming with fantastic plant- and animal life. The town of Mossel Bay is one of the best known and most popular tourist stops along this world-famous route and offers visitors plenty in the way of things to see and do. Every year, between June and November, the ocean that laps the shores of Mossel Bay comes alive with visiting cetaceans, which prove to be a delight for locals as well as for visitors from around the world.

Migrating away from the cold Arctic waters, humpback whales, southern right whales, Bryde’s whales, sperm whales and killer whales (which are actually a porpoise species) may be seen just off the coast of this part of the Garden Route. Continued

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Snuggling Up to Some Scaly Characters at Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary

While snakes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly are fascinating, even for those that prefer to enjoy them from a distance. The Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary’s aim is to educate visitors about hundreds of different snake species, from tiny to mammoth, and to dispel some of the myths and horror stories around them.

Situated right on the N2 Motorway, just 18 kilometres outside of Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, this is one of the Garden Route’s popular attractions. When coming from Cape Town, it is after Plettenberg Bay, on the right. It lies within a short drive from other popular wildlife sanctuaries like Jukani, Birds of Eden and Monkeyland, making this entire area, known as The Crags, a veritable hotspot for nature lovers. Continued

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Romance on the River at Bitou River Lodge

Bitou River Lodge

Bitou River Lodge

Right on the banks of the tranquil Bitou River, just 10 minutes outside Plett, lies the gorgeous 4-star retreat called the Bitou River Lodge. This lodge is more than just holiday accommodation in Plettenberg Bay; it provides an authentic (albeit somewhat luxurious) home away from home. One only has to read the comments in the guest book to appreciate how very loved this lodge has become over the years.

While the heated floors, fluffy white robes and irresistible linen give Bitou River Lodge an unmistakeable sense of opulence, the farm-style approach of the guesthouse as a whole keeps it warm and hospitable. Sue, the ever-available host, is wonderfully welcoming, always available to assist, and great for a chat over coffee … Continued