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Northern Cape

This is a harsh, unforgiving landscape not given to agriculture, which makes it unique in South Africa. But, amongst the arid starkness of the Karoo and Kalahari, which make up the majority of the Northern Cape Province, there are flashes of life unique to the area, giving it a mystical quality that is quite other-worldly in its beauty. The arid splendour is interrupted only by the verdant greenery on the banks of the Orange River, which creates the border between this province and Namibia.

The Northern Cape has a number of fantastic wildlife reserves and parks, in which thousands of animal species can be seen living, hunting and caring for their young in their natural habitat. These include the Big Five and other exciting predators as well as an array of bird species. The Augrabies National Park and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park are just two of these little gems.

The Northern Cape is acclaimed for its rich history and heritage as it was once the home of the ancient San people. These folk have left behind them more than a legacy; they have also left artefacts from times passed, providing a fascinating look into their lives and customs. This rugged landscape is awesome to explore on foot or from the comfortable saddle of your bicycle. There are many trails through the mountains and across the countryside, which promise amazing views and top-notch photographing experiences.

The Northern Cape provides a different perspective on the South Africa that many know; one that is equally beautiful and enthralling…

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