KwaZulu Natal

Discovering KwaZulu Natal

Updated Monday, 18 April 2022

The province of KwaZulu Natal is home to a multitude of attractions, with something to suit every taste, budget and relaxation requirement. It also has a subtropical climate, making it ideal to visit at almost any time of the year.

Having formerly been an independent homeland, the kingdom of the Zulu, the province is touched by this great nations culture. But with many immigrants, particularly a large Indian population, this has become a vibrant and cosmopolitan destination, with different cultural experiences on offer.

Durban nightlife

The city of Durban, the capital of the province, has amazing beaches, with some of the best surfing waves in the country. Durban also has many fine restaurants and is well known for its culinary delights. One of its newest attractions is Ushaka Marine world which has spectacular displays of marine life, in particular, the sharks that the KwaZulu coastline is famous for.

Durban is a strange mixture of laid-back surfer cool and bustling big city life. One of the best ways to experience the culture is to take a rickshaw ride along the bustling beachfront, stopping to sample Indian delicacies at a one of the street markets.

To the South lies the famous South Coast, with towns like Margate and Ramsgate offering relaxed accommodation and an opportunity to while away the time, walk along the beaches and swim and scuba dive in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.  These towns are geared toward family holidays, and are a great place to get away from it all.

Durban Botanic Gardens

North of Durban, en route to Mozambique, lies the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, a wildlife sanctuary and popular tourist destination. This protected natural paradise combines wetlands with dunes, coastal forests, coral reefs and underwater canyons and offers many adventure opportunities and excellent accommodation.

Further inland, the world famous Oribi gorge offers spectacular scenery, where wind and water have etched a magnificent ravine through the landscape. Visit the Drakensberg mountains, where hiking, game viewing, bird watching, pony trails and the chance to see ancient rock paintings are offered.


A visit to the Zulu Kingdom would not be complete without an experience of the Zulu culture, so make sure to visit one of the many Zulu cultural villages or Kraals that give insight into the traditions of these great warriors, or take a tour of the many famous battlefields where these proud people fought off the early European settlers.

With so many exciting, high-energy options on offer, it may come as a welcome change to make a visit to the Midlands Meander. This is a collection of 160 attractions where you can eat, browse through crafters studios, view and purchase unique works of art, and cultural or historical attractions. It’s also home to the Midmar dam, which offers water sports and other activities.

Whether it’s fun in the sun, watersports, nightlife, a cultural experience or just to relax and get away, the provice of KwaZulu Natal has something to offer everyone.

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