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Posted on: Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fego Caffé in Pietermaritzburg – A Review

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Fego Caffé

Fego Caffé

Fego Caffé at the Liberty Midlands Mall in Pietermaritzburg is a modern coffee bar and casual restaurant that has became a popular eatery frequented by people from all walks of life. The Fego Caffé concept works well because they always strive to serve the best espresso based coffees and quality, freshly prepared food at an affordable price in a stylish yet comfortable environment.

Their signature brand coffee is sourced, roasted and packaged in Italy and is apparently so good that many Europeans feel as though they have never left the continent when visiting a Fego Caffé. Cappuccinos include regular (R16), chocolate cream (R19), dark and white chocolate ciococcino (both R20) while special coffees range from Irish, Kahlua, Frangelico and Sambuca (all R28) to the decadent macadamia and Kahlua Pedro (R35).

Non coffee drinkers like me have the choice of an array of hot beverages ranging from a humble cup of tea (R13) to the rather interesting sounding Morlicks (R21), a milo and horlicks combination that appears to be unique to Fego Caffé. I settled for a hot chocolate (R19) which was rich, sweet and wonderfully delicious, setting the tone for what was to be a memorable and enjoyable afternoon.

The Fego Caffé menu is rather extensive, covering a wide spectrum of cuisine ranging from salads and pastas to main meals and desserts. Salad options range from the Versace (R65) to the more expensive Gucci (R72) while pasta lovers can enjoy offerings such as the simple Napoletana (R49) or the more extravagant Pollo (R72).

Main meals include the lemon chicken breasts (R65), steak, egg and chips (R78), beef (R70) or chicken Prego (R63), chicken breast on panino (R65) and chicken schnitzel (R70) while a selection of omelettes, open sandwiches, tramezzino, wraps, burgers, sour dough panini and bagels are available for those who’d prefer a lighter meal.

Being rather hungry I decided that the chicken schnitzel would be a good bet and boy was I happy with my decision! Consisting of shallow fried, crumbed chicken breasts served with a helping of salad, French fries and a small portion of sweet chilli dipping sauce, this meal was a winner in every sense of the word.


Fego Caffe


The chicken breasts were tender and full of flavour and were way better than anything else I had eaten at other restaurants in the city. The fries and salad were equally as good as was the case with the sauce, which complimented the schnitzel to perfection.

At just R70, this meal truly is a bargain. Seldom have I encountered a better deal in my travels through out Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands and it was encouraging to know that the KwaZulu-Natal capital has an eatery of this calibre in its midst.

For dessert I selected a helping of ice-cream and chocolate sauce (R28), forsaking more tempting offerings such as the Affogato (vanilla ice cream topped with espresso) among others. Consisting of three substantial scoops of ice-cream layered with streams of delicious chocolate sauce and drizzled with particles of flaked chocolate, this dessert was delicious and well worth the money.

I really enjoyed my experience at Fego Caffé. The service I received was prompt and efficient with both management and my waitress displaying a high level of customer service and product knowledge. The quality of the food was of a high standard and the attractive décor (with its continental, Italian theme) and pleasant ambiance give the restaurant a unique appeal that’s difficult to resist.

Fego Caffé is unquestionably a brilliant eatery that is a credit to Pietermaritzburg, the Liberty Midlands Mall and the greater Midlands area as a whole. It’s an absolute must visit for those wanting to take some time out from their busy schedules and re-energise with a steaming hot cup of their favourite coffee or whatever else tickles their fancy, and the adjacent Exclusive Books store (which is accessible directly from the restaurant) adds a refreshing dimension to the entire experience.


Fego Caffe

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Fego Caffé Contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)33 342 2715
Physical address: Shop 22, Liberty Midlands Mall, Pietermaritzburg

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What Others are Saying

4 comments about Fego Caffé in Pietermaritzburg – A Review
  1. March 22nd, 2012 at 16:24
    Jane says:

    The decor is good the read good and the quality and presentation of meal you had lookd good. Well worth
    a visit.

  2. March 26th, 2012 at 21:17
    Suzette says:

    The food and coffee are very good, but the service is bad. I always ask everything one time – menu, food and bill!

  3. April 18th, 2012 at 15:21
    Guy Mortimer says:

    I must say that I found the service to be rather good. Oh well, I guess they must have been having an off day when you paid them a visit. No one’s perfect after all.

  4. November 24th, 2012 at 21:26
    Matthew Middleton says:

    Friendly waiters, amazing coffee, and good food, but the salad was as bitter as the owner. Food prices are updated on their system well before the menus, leading to unexpectedly high bills. A pretty sly move in my opinion. Sadly, good first impressions don’t always last.