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Posted on: Thursday, 26 March 2015

15 Top Cape Town Instagrammers To Follow

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A picture paints a thousand words.

Or more accurately: a picture is worth a thousand words is a fitting phrase to describe how a picture tells a story just as well as wordy, descriptive text (the latter quote was adapted into the former by David Gates (of Bread fame) for the album: Manna).

I’d even go as far as saying that today pictures speak louder than words.

To coin a Chinese proverb: one picture is worth ten thousand words. Which is why Instagram is so big.

Snap a photo with your mobile phone, choose a filter, and you’ve a picture to share with the world. It’s faster than news, it’s beautiful to look at, it’s straightforward to share, and people respond more swiftly to pictures than words.

Here are 15 artists on Instagram that paint a picture of Cape Town that is louder than words or 15 top Cape Town instagrammers to follow …


No-one does Cape Town’s waves quite like Sacha Specker. He tags himself as: photographer, voyager, waterman (rather apt) and uses his camera to capture his love of the ocean and its capacity for endless change and unique forms. Pictures like his wave stills in front of Lion’s Head turn Cape Town into an icon. Follow at https://instagram.com/sachaspex/


Green Gold by Sacha Specker
Photograph: Green Gold by and  © Sacha Specker


Wayne Hipe Robertson takes what can only be described as edgy pics of Cape Town and its surrounds. His view on the world is brittle, emotional and simple. It is not difficult to imagine that his day job is South African Hip Hop music is described as ‘classic sample-based boom bap style’. His renown for his ‘impeccable sense of composition’ is mirrored in his pictures. You’ll love them. Follow at https://instagram.com/hipebeast/


Craig describes himself as an explorer, photographer, traveller but also as a risk consultant, kite surfer and all round trouble maker. He happens to take some fine pictures of the Mother City leading to the biggest following in South Africa on Instagram by 2013. Hard to believe that pictures this stunning (particularly his nature, land and cityscape shots) are snapped on an iPhone. Follow at https://instagram.com/craighowes/


By Craig Howes
Photograph by and © Craig Howes


Ross Pickford’s dreamy photos are the other side of the man who is also a father of three, a software developer and a musician who predominantly uses the square format on the iPhone to capture Cape Town in his unique style. I love the quiet assurance of his style. Follow at https://instagram.com/roscoedudwe/


Matt Stanley specialises in photographing Cape Town’s street culture when he isn’t studying at UCT where he is completing a Bachelor of Business Science. Hi pictures are a cross-section of Cape Town – anything from vivid sunsets and seascapes to graffiti, night-life clubbing and near-naked women. His style is young and experimental. Follow at


by Matt Stanley
Photograph by and © Matt Stanley


This surfer/photographer calls himself an eternal optimist and regards his photos as a study of symmetry and simplicity. Daniel is only 21 years old and yet, in his own words ‘photography has engrossed my life’. Perhaps the fact that he grew up at the ocean, in Kommetjie, accounts for his connection with nature. His work is dreamy, fun and filled with seascapes. Follow at https://instagram.com/daniel_grebe/


I’ve included Noëmi, not because she has a huge following on Instagram (she doesn’t) but because she should have. Noëmi is a Swiss graphic designer living in Cape Town. Her landscapes of the Mother City are edible, and the moments; perfect. It’s an example of foreigner does city proud… Follow at https://instagram.com/noemitabea/


By Noemi Kieser
Photograph by and © By Noëmi Kieser


Greer Valley’s instagram account was described in the Mail and Guardian as an ‘online exhibition’, and they weren’t wrong. Some of her stuff is odd, but it is different and gorgeous, and in-between are some subdued and beautiful shots of Cape Town. She’s someone to watch. Follow at https://instagram.com/grrreer/


Goku, or Gokul Nair has a rather low profile (perhaps you know who he is?). But he does take incredible pictures, and has the following to prove it. His sunrise at Muizenberg beach is enough reason to love the man. Follow at https://instagram.com/goku_explores/


By Gokul Nair
Photograph by and © By Gokul Nair


Natassja Zuidmeer does romance with a capital ‘R’. Her photographs are all over the web and she has a large following. Her pictures are girly, fresh and classic. One more reason to love Cape Town. Follow at https://instagram.com/natassjy/


Quentin Vogel’s Instagrams sing quintessential Cape Town. His use of colour is rich and exciting, and his moments simply perfect. It is no surprise to learn that he is an animation director, animator and illustrator. He should have a huge following on instagram… Follow at https://instagram.com/kwintinvogel/


By Quentin Vogel
Photograph by and © Quentin Vogel


Gavin Pickford is an amateur photographer based in Franschhoek who uses his iPhone to capture and edit his pictures (no Adobe Photoshop for Gavin). His camera loves sunsets and he is busy with a 365 Long Exposures project (a long exposure every day for a year). Follow at https://instagram.com/gavman18/


Jessica Stafford isn’t even a professional photographer, she’s only a student, yet she has over 45k followers (maybe it’s her coffee pictures?) on Instagram. She has a knack for capturing bright colours, food and amazing locations. Follow at https://instagram.com/jessbinxx/


By Jessica Stafford
Photograph by and © By Jessica Stafford


Perfect snaps of Cape Town, all taken with an iPhone 5 or Nikon D7000. They’re enough to make even hardened travellers want to visit the city. Follow at https://instagram.com/snap_za/


Anne Cape Town loves clean, classic lines, gentle views and soft hues in her pictures from all over the city. Follow at https://instagram.com/annct/


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Wanda Coustas


Wanda Coustas has written in one form or another for 10 years, seven of them as a copyblogger. She has travelled the Western Cape extensively and the rest of the country in protracted road trips that have given her both joy and an ongoing relish for experiencing what she writes about first-hand. She is a trained opera singer, poet, eurythmy dancer, philosopher, and bee whisperer.

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