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Whale Watching Infographic for South Africa

Updated Saturday, 9 February 2019

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and the whales, we’ve prepared a fabulous Whale Whatching Infographic summarising all you need to know about whale watching in South Africa.  This new easy-to-use infographic includes plenty of handy information, including how to identify the species and behaviour of the whale, where the best places are in which to spot them and when the optimal whale-watching times of year are. It also provides handy graphics to explain the various types of behaviour and the physical characteristics, which are referred to in the whale-related blogs and articles on which cover a range of fantastic whale-watching sites in South Africa, such as Hermanus, Mossel Bay, St Lucia, and so on.

Local South Africans and those who plan to visit the coastline of this country are encouraged to download the whale watching infographic and keep it handy. Not only does it give important advice on specific spots at which to enjoy the whales’ playful antics, but it will also enrich the experience by providing information on specific species, a detailed map of the South African coastline, locations from where formal whale-watching tours are conducted, and much more.

Send it to friends via email or share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as a general interest piece and as a guide for those in or visiting South Africa!

Download it here or explore our Whale Watching pages on right here (You can download the full, legible, high quality version of the infographic as a pdf document for your personal use, with our compliments). Remember to bookmark us for when you are ready to book your accommodation in South Africa.

We wish you “Happy Whale Watching!”

South Africa Whale-watching Infographic