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Dirty Boots Adventure Guide South Africa

Updated Monday, 2 September 2019

The Dirty Boots adventure guide can now be ordered for free from the website, offering over 100 adventure activities from hundreds of tour operators. With an easy to use index and in the perfect travel size, the guide is the ideal resource for adventure-seekers looking for the best adventures across South Africa.

Dirty Boots Adventure GuideThe annual Dirty Boots adventure guide South Africa is now available to order online, giving adventure-seekers the ultimate free guide that is packed from page to page with over 100 adventure activities offered by well over 350 tour operators – making it one of the most comprehensive guides of its kind in the country.

The Dirty Boots guide features activities across Southern Africa, including Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa itself. Each activity is listed alphabetically under each region, resulting in an easy to use adventure tours guide that thrill-seekers can use to quickly refer to when searching for adventures within each region. Activities listed are vast and varied, with everything from leisurely stargazing evenings to thrill-a-minute experiences such as shark cage diving with Great White sharks – catering to every level of adventure.

With a handy colour-coded system, and easy to follow instructions and key to symbols used in each section, the Dirty Boots guide is extremely easy to use. Readers simply look for the activities in the area of their choice, and view the symbols to find out the type of activity, whether or not there is accommodation included, the level of difficulty (or X-factor), and the governing body that the adventure is associated to – all outlined in the instructions page.

The compact size of the Dirty Boots vacation adventure guide makes it perfect for travellers, fitting easily into a backpack. Locals and foreign visitors alike will be able to use the guide as a handy reference to activities within all major provinces and countries across Southern Africa, from South Africa to Swaziland. All key contact information and other relevant details are provided for each activity, allowing readers to quickly and easily make a booking through the providers listed in the guide.

As the guide is produced on an annual basis, readers can also be sure that the information provided in the guides is up to date and current – making this guide one of the most relevant and definitive guides in the country.

In addition to being the ultimate adventure guide for those seeking the best activities within Southern Africa, the Dirty Boots guide is also an excellent resource for travel consultants, teambuilding organisers and other corporate groups, as it offers a wide diversity of options for entertaining small or large groups of people. Adventure tours are one of the most popular choices for teambuilding events, ensuring a memorable event for all who attend.

In addition to the more hardcore adrenaline pursuits along the likes of bungee jumping, abseiling or white river rafting, teams can also try calmer activities such as whale watching in South Africa, wine tasting, township tours, horseback trails or boat cruises – each offering the perfect day out, and a chance to enjoy the experience as a team.

As one of South Africa’s leading adventure specialists, Dirty Boots has been delivering the best adventure activities through its network of operators for many years. Run by Johan Radcliffe and Esna Theron, who bring their extensive experience and knowledge of the adventure industry to the table, Dirty Boots is perfectly positioned to deliver the most comprehensive adventure guide of its kind in Southern Africa – at no costs whatsoever.

To order a copy of this highly covetable guide, readers can simply visit the website at to request a copy of the leading adventure guide South Africa.

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Dirty Boots delivers world-class adventure activities through its network of operators for many years, and is run by Johan Radcliffe and Esna Theron. +27 (0)21 713 1491

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