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Coffee And Cake In 6th Avenue Walmer

Updated Saturday, 14 January 2017

The bustling thoroughfare of 6th Avenue Walmer, Port Elizabeth, has become more than just a convenient route through the suburbs. It is now the coveted address of a number of the city’s best, busiest and most popular coffee shops too. Each of these has something completely different to offer in terms of their menu, variety, ambience and facilities. It should be noted that many of them are also restaurants, offering a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. Most are also licensed.


Trendy décor fuses acid yellow with vintage pewter for a really inviting, chic interior. Pastries and coffees are best enjoyed on the comfy couches or under the outside umbrellas. The gas fireplace promises a romantic, warm retreat for wintery days and nights. Whether you’re in the mood for a chocolate croissant or a decadently generous portion of Pavlova, Bocadillo’s guarantees fresh ingredients and stunning coffees, teas and herbal infusions to go along with the dishes.

Urban Espress

This modern café is open-plan and flooded with light and air. The sweet treats on offer extend to an unbelievably good bakery next door (Pastryworx), where pastries and cakes can be bought and enjoyed at Urban Espress. Many of the goods are also available directly from the coffee shop, though. Cheesecakes, Millionaire’s Shortbread (shortbread biscuit topped with rich, gooey fudge and a dark chocolate layer) and giant cookies are all on offer for those with a sweet tooth. Urban Espress is also very reasonably priced and the service fantastic.


Cobblestone is known for its amazing bars, which combine nuts, seeds, chocolate, biscuit and caramel in a delicious variety of tasty treats. Almost everything around you (chairs, tables and accessories) is for sale and a mini art exhibition adds a distinctive flavour to the Cobblestone experience. A huge variety of fresh breads are available, including those for special dietary requirements (e.g. 100% rye, and so on).

Valley Harvest

Having started as a fresh fruit and vegetable outlet, Valley Harvest now has a quaint garden in which visitors are invited to indulge in coffee and cake under the trees. Because of the abundance of fresh ingredients and health foods available here, many of the sweets are a little different to other, more conventional coffee shops. The portions are generous.


This bustling restaurant is large and busy, offering a huge variety of dishes and sweets. Cakes and puddings are fairly conventional (ice cream and chocolate sauce, chocolate mousse cake and carrot cake, for example), but portions are large and the prices very reasonable. This is ideal for families with children as it is laid-back.

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