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I Love Kleinemonde Because …

Updated Monday, 4 December 2017

Hi, I’m Marlene from Kleinemonde near Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape.

Kleinemonde IS BEST KNOWN FOR its fantastic white beach which stretches on forever. We also have two lagoons right next to one another … fantastic for swimming, canoe rides, fishing etc.


GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN ON the beach on a bright sunny day, the dunes & blue sea looks incredible!


OTHER HAPPY SNAPS AT the biggest Pineapple in the world in Bathurst.

WHEN THE WEATHER’S GOOD, I LIKE TO go for long walks on the beach, swim or just laze around on the deck at House Purfikt … looking at the best view in the world.


WHEN THE WEATHER’S BAD, I LIKE TO sleep late, read and watch some of the good DVD’s supplied to guests. If it’s windy I have great fun with the kites.

I THINK THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO VISIT IS all year round, BECAUSE winter months are not very cold and the sunrise is beautiful. Long walks on the beach are also fantastic. It’s also nice to go horse riding on the beach or for game viewing from horseback.

With all the Game farms around it’s also nice to go for a game drive (if you don’t like horses), or a sunset cruise at the Marina in Port Alfred. For the golfers we have the Gary Player designed golf course at Fish River Sun which is 9km away as well as the Royal Alfred golf course in Port Alfred.



FOR LUNCH, I SUGGEST our local Pub/Restaurant Lala Lapa.

MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT in Port Alfred is Pub & Brewery on the Warf.

MY FAVOURITE local SPOT IS Lala Lapa in Kleinemonde.

FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN TRY the Pig & Whistle in Bathurst, it’s also the oldest licensed pub in South Africa.


IF YOU WANT TO MEET LOCALS, GO TO our local Pub/Restaurant Lala Lapa.

Kleinemonde’s BEST KEPT SECRET IS is so peaceful & quiet here, it actually feels as though you’re on an island. During the year our permanent population is approx 150 people .

IF YOU’RE FEELING ADVENTUROUS, TRY Anne’s bird watching tours, she knows all the best places to go.

MY FAVOURITE place to SHOP IS at the Morning Markets at Kleinemonde & Bathurst where you can find delicious home made goodies.


MY FAVOURITE dolphin and whale WATCHING SPOT IS from the deck at House Purfikt.

IF YOU’RE HERE IN December, JOIN IN THE FUN AT yearly Ox Braai in Bathurst.

TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN? A FUN OUTING IS taking them dune riding on the dune boards.

THE MOST UNUSUAL THING I SEE HERE IS that the beach is never crowded ….. not even on Christmas Day or New Year.

I Love Kleinemonde BECAUSE it is most certainly the best place if you want to get away from the mad rush, have peace & quiet and just recharge before heading back to your normal life.


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Biggest Pineapple: +27(0)46 625-0515
Fish River Sun Golf Course: +27 (0)40 676-1101
Royal Alfred Golf Course: +27 (0)46 624-4796
Pub & Brewery on the Wharf: +27 (0)46 624-1950
Pig & Whistle: +27 (0)46 625-0673