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Shopping In Jeffreys Bay

Updated Saturday, 14 January 2017

Affectionately known as J-Bay to locals and regular visitors, Jeffrey’s Bay is well known for a number of reasons. Its biggest “claim to fame” is almost certainly that it was host to one of the legs of the annual surfing competition, the Billabong Pro.

With its reliable swell and temperate weather conditions, this has become the favourite surf spot of thousands of sporting enthusiasts, not least of who are the world champs. This competition draws thousands of visitors to this small town every year. Before, during and after the event, these ones take the opportunity to get the most out of J-Bay.

We love shopping

So, J-Bay is good for a lot more than surfing. This seaside town is also acclaimed for its great shopping opportunities. True to its surfing roots, many of the shops stock international surfing brands like Billabong, Rip Curl, Roxy and Country Feeling. Although these brands started out catering primarily to the sporting needs of swimmers and surfers, they now boast stunning fashion wear for men, women and children.

The factory shops in Jeffrey’s Bay are still one of this town’s major attractions. These stock all of the popular international surfing brands at reduced prices. Stock includes clothing, shoes, swimwear and jewellery as well as other accessories. Some of the items are slightly damaged (the size tag being torn out or a slight discoloration, for example) and, therefore, significantly reduced in price.

Other items are normal stock items that did not sell out in the various outlets, so the surplus is being sold at lower prices simply to move the stock. In addition, many of the factory shops also offer brand new gear that is available at other regular outlets as well. So, there is ample variety.


The lifestyle in Jeffrey’s Bay is a relaxed one that encourages one to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. The shops here reflect this attitude. Many shops provide stunning décor items, fashion goods and works of art. Clothing boutiques give shoppers something really special to get excited about, since each item is as unique as the person purchasing it.

Street vendors have an assortment of goods to offer locals and visitors that peruse the beachfront and streets of J-Bay. These goods range from cellphone covers and gimmicks to clothing and goods for the home.

Most of the formal shops accept cash (South African Rands), Debit or Credit cards. Street vendors do not have card facilities and will only accept local currency.

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