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Bosuns Bar & Grill in Knysna

Updated Monday, 30 January 2017

We had the most delicious lunch on Sunday.  We spent the weekend in Knysna (for the marathon and Oyster Festival) and after celebrating a bit too enthusiastically on Saturday were grateful for the dismal, grey, cold and rainy weather.  It eliminated the chance of sightseeing and invited instead the opportunity to relax!

By lunch time we were hungry so took a drive down to a pub overlooking the lagoon:  Bosuns Bar and Grill.

We were the first of the lunch customers (arriving at 11.40am – a bit early) but the pub soon filled up and we were told that all tables in the dining area had been reserved.  We found a spot in the bar though and settled down with a pot of tea and enjoyed the warmth of the log fire blazing in the fireplace.

Bosuns Bar & Grill in Knysna

We started to look at the menu but my mind was made up for me when our waiter mentioned that they had a Sunday roast with a choice of beef, lamb or pork. Oh my goodness; beef and Yorkshire pudding was just what I felt like.

The plates arrived and we were not disappointed; generous portions of beef, a huge Yorkshire pudding, roast spuds, butternut, steamed broccoli and red cabbage.  Quite easily one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in a long time.

We finished off lunch by sharing a Malva pudding and this was just as tasty as the main course had been.

I was most impressed with Bosuns.  To be honest it doesn’t look like much from the outside but both the bar and the dining area are inviting areas and the bar especially has a great ambience with prints on the walls.  The staff were friendly and helpful – even when two out-of-towners strolled in quite a while before opening time!

So if you are ever in Knysna on a dismal, grey, cold and rainy day do yourself a favour and pop into Bosuns Bar and Grill.

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Bosuns Bar and Grill, George Rex Drive, Knysna, Garden Route
Telephone: +27 (0)44 382-6276