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Things To Do In Tsitsikamma Forest

Updated Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Tsitsikamma Forest is one of South Africa’s most beautiful resources, and visitors to the area are given ample opportunities to experience its splendour in a variety of different ways. Showcasing the Garden Route at its best, the Tsitsikamma Forest is surrounded by service providers that offer different ways in which to experience the breath-taking scenery.

Storms River mouth

Here are some of the different options for Things to Do in Tsitsikamma Forest…


There are a number of hiking trails and walks through the Tsitsikamma Forest. These vary in length and difficulty, but are usually quite manageable. The Ratel Walk shows off the incredible Outeniqua Yellowwood that is believed to be almost 1 000 years old.

Segway Tours

The Segway experience is a true eco-tour that involves travelling the area on a safe, easy-to-master transporter. This personal transporter is, basically, a standing platform with two wheels and a steering column in front. So, visitors see the forest standing upright, but without having to walk at all. The tours go through the Storms River Village, wind along the forest paths and over the Witteklip Bridge.

Blackwater Tubing

Get a different perspective of the forest by experiencing it from the deep red-brown waters of the Storms River. Tubing through the gorge, the lush forested mountain faces meet the clear blue sky above, as the Fish Eagle soars overhead. This tour can take up to five hours, depending on the size of the group.

Blackwater Tubing

Canopy Tours

There is no better way to experience the Tsitsikamma Forest than from the ziplines that carry you over it at canopy height. Soar from tree to tree up to 30 metres in the air, all while learning more about the fauna and flora from the experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Woodcutters’ Journey

This tour of the forest is conducted in a large, comfortable, open-sided truck that enables maximum visibility as it negotiates forest trails. It follows the path of the elephants that once occupied these forests. The entire tour takes between 2.5 and three hours and is suitable for the elderly.

Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

Horse Riding

Experience the forest trails from the elevated back of a horse. These animals are so familiar with the forest that they negotiate tricky paths with ease and allow you to enjoy the surrounding scenery with confidence. The horses are tame enough not to require that visitors have any prior training on horses.

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