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How To Enjoy (Really Enjoy) Your Spa Vacation

Updated Saturday, 14 January 2017

There aren’t many people who would say no to a spa holiday; almost definitely envisioning lying in a Jacuzzi and having health shakes served by a therapist radiating vigour and beauty. Remember, though, that the purpose of a spa is for your health, so some of the treatments and requirements may not be quite as pleasant as all that. The best way to enjoy your spa holiday to the full is to be informed and prepared for what to expect.

You are probably choosing a spa holiday so that you can relax and revitalise away from the humdrum of your everyday life. So, expect to invest in it, and don’t try to skimp on a cheap getaway. You will likely be disappointed.

There are, in general, two main types of spa – a destination spa; which is all about your health and fitness, and may even include counselling and intensive therapy sessions in order to help you to live a healthier life; and a resort spa, which is part of and in addition to a resort that has its own accommodation, activities, attractions and facilities. A destination spa is designed more for those putting their health first, while a resort spa is a fab added extra for those enjoying a getaway.

Dandy-Line Spa at Dawson’s Game & Trout Lodge

It’s a good idea to look at the website of the spas before booking so that you know what facilities they have, how big they are and what purposes they fulfil. If you cannot get a clear idea from the website, email or call the facility and ask them details. One person’s idea of a luxurious heated pool may be another’s version of a tiny splash pool that isn’t quite frozen over.

Book the treatments and added extras that you want long in advance so that you are sure that they are available to you when you want and need them. Check the schedule and confirm that none of your classes or treatments clash with one another, and stay at least three days to get the full benefit from your spa holiday.

If the first activity on the first day of your stay starts early in the morning, it may be worth staying an extra night before or in a B&B close to the spa so that you get the full benefit of your timetable, and don’t miss out due to unforeseen delays on the road or fatigue from travelling.

Gauteng Health Spa

When you decide on the various classes and treatments that you want, remember your goal. Are you at the spa to lose weight? Get fit? Relax? Overcome depression? Your ultimate goal will determine what facilities and services are most suitable for you.

Remember to discuss any medical conditions with the spa before booking, and ask their advice regarding appropriate treatments and therapies. If there is any chance that you are pregnant, confirm this before the time as some spa treatments can be harmful to your unborn baby.

Try to take advantage of the different facilities available at the spa during periods in which you may be tempted to nap or check Facebook. Rather, take this time to clear your mind in the sauna or in a mud bath so that you can go back to the “real world” knowing that you got as much as you could out of your spa experience.

Gauteng Health Spa

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