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The Bangkok Wok – Add some spice to your life

Updated Sunday, 29 January 2017

I’ve always considered myself something of a traditionalist when it comes to cuisine, preferring to stick to the usual fair of burgers and chips, toasted sandwiches and other well known offerings from the western world. So when some friends invited me to accompany them to The Bangkok Wok in Pietermaritzburg recently I was left wondering if there was anything on the menu that was likely to tickle my fancy – or should that be palate?

The Bangkok Wok restaurant’s menu is extensive and unquestionably aimed at those for a hankering for Asian, and specifically Thai, cuisine. However, I felt pretty confident that my order of egg fried rice with chicken would hit the spot and indeed, I wasn’t disappointed. It really tasted great, was well presented and very filling too I might add – and at R49 – unquestionably value for money in anyone’s books.

The Bangkok Wok

My companions for the evening opted for the red curry with chicken (R64) and the honey glazed chicken (R69). All Bangkok Wok curries, of which there are five choices, are available with the option of chicken, beef, prawn, vegetable and duck as an extra and range in price from R44 to R85.

The honey glazed chicken is a chef speciality and consists of grilled chicken breasts served on a bed of soy flavoured egg noodles with a honey and garlic sauce topped with freshly roasted cashew nuts – certainly a dish that would resuscitate even the most dormant of taste buds.

Both of my dinner partners were very impressed with their choices. Words such as ‘delicious’ and ‘outstanding’ and phrases like ‘not to hot, just right’ and ‘excellent value for money’ tell a story and when accompanied by broad smiles you know that you definitely have a winning combination on your hands.

I was the only member of the dinner party able to make room for dessert, which took the form of good old fashioned ice cream and chocolate sauce. At R24 it was more than reasonable, but I was somewhat taken aback by the 20 minutes it took to arrive – after all our main course had reached us in good time.

However, a bit of an oversight from our waiter did little to detract from what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. We all agreed that we would definitely be paying the Wok another visit – the service was generally good, the welcome warm and the vibe upbeat – I mean what more could you ask for?

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