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Centre Court restaurant and coffee shop – A review

Updated Sunday, 29 January 2017

Located in the heart of the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Westville, Durban, The Centre Court Restaurant and Coffee shop has been around for some time and even though I’ve eaten there a few times in the past, a recent visit was as enjoyable as always.

The variety of cuisine available at Centre Court is truly amazing. The restaurant offers diners quite possibly the most extensive array of foods I’ve ever seen on a menu. Burgers, a variety of chicken dishes, curries, toasted sandwiches, steaks, lamb chops, lasagnes and pastas, pork spare ribs, prawns, schnitzels, stir fry’s, tramezzini’s and a selection of wraps are all available.

With such a variety of dishes on offer, it took a while for my companions and I to decide what to have, but I eventually chose the Saucy Steak Roll (R56.95) with my friends, Mary-Anne and Peta-Anne, opting for the Chicken Cordon Bleu (R77.95) and Barbeque Steak Tramezzini (R59.95) respectively. My steak roll came with a choice of wedges or French fries and although the helpings were generous I decided that a side order of onion rings (at R12.95), would be perfect to help satisfy my huge appetite.

My decision proved to be the right one with my meal certainly leaving me satisfied although I’d have to say the steak roll was a bit too dry for my liking. Mary-Anne thoroughly enjoyed her Chicken Cordon Bleu with Peta-Anne equally impressed with her Barbeque Steak Tramezzini although she did feel her dish could have been a bit more on the spicy side.

The Cordon Bleu, which consisted of a chicken breast filled with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms, was served with a cheese and mushroom sauce and a selection of vegetables, while the Tramezzini was accompanied by a serving of coleslaw and potato chips rather than the usual French fries – something I thought was a nice touch.

Full stomachs meant there wasn’t any room for dessert, which, with delectable offerings such as malva pudding, cinnamon apple crepes, and chocolate mousse available to name but a few, was rather a pity. While settling the bill I enquired about the restaurant’s advertised ‘meal miles’ programme.

I was informed that ‘meal miles’ works on a reward system to benefit regular customers and is the first programme of its kind in South Africa. While resisting the temptation to go into detail I can say that entering the programme seems well worth the effort as the discounts involved appear to be quite substantial.

The few minor gripes aside, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunchtime excursion to Centre Court. Our greeting was pleasant, the service prompt and efficient, the menu extensive and we were all particularly impressed with our friendly waiter Justice whose product knowledge was excellent.

A visit to Centre Court Pavilion is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy a tasty and well-presented meal in a relaxed atmosphere with an upmarket ambiance, while experiencing good old-fashioned service and value for money dining at the same time. It is probably one of the best restaurants around in terms of menu choice and one that I will most definitely be visiting again.

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