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Delish-Dish family restaurant and pub – A review

Updated Thursday, 26 January 2017

While driving through the small town of Howick in the Natal Midlands recently I spotted an eatery that I had not previously been aware of, the Delish-Dish family restaurant and pub. Not usually the spontaneous type (I generally prefer to plan even the smallest of outings at least a few days in advance) my curiosity nevertheless got the better of me and I pulled over to take a closer look.

Intrigued by the rather rustic look of the place I decided to treat myself to a rather impromptu mid-afternoon lunch despite not knowing what I would encounter. My hostess for the afternoon was Shay, a rather bubbly young woman who seemed most enthusiastic about her job – always an important trait for success in any profession but especially so in the hospitality industry.

Delish-Dish in Howick

The Delish-Dish family restaurant and pub has a pretty comprehensive menu with starters including offerings such as crumbed button mushrooms, vegetable and cheese spring rolls, peri-peri chicken livers and a most unusual offering of grilled snails (cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven). Despite being spoilt for choice I decided to pass up on starters and head straight for the main menu, which contained a host of mouth-watering dishes such as Eisbein, Spaghetti Boere-naise (boerewors mince served with a thick tomato sauce) and Shitaki chicken (a fanned chicken breast filled with garlic herb butter and served with yellow rice, brown lentils and a creamy mushroom sauce) to mention but a few.

I decided on the Eisbein (R80), a huge 800g salted pork hock guaranteed to satisfy even the most ravenous appetites. Served with a helping of creamy potato mash and selected vegetables the Eisbein was delicious and well worth the money. The portions I received were more than generous, in fact so much so that I was unable to finish the meal. As enjoyable as the Eisbein was though, I would recommend requesting apple jelly or apple sauce as a garnish rather than the standard offering of mustard sauce, which is likely to make the dish a little too dry for most palates.

With a full stomach preventing me from sampling some of the delectable desserts (malva pudding and mixed berry Pavlova being among them) on offer I rather reluctantly requested the bill and stepped outside onto the wooden deck for some fresh air. The large deck is covered and houses a wood-fired pizza oven and a fireplace – just what the doctor ordered for keeping warm on cold winter nights.

Delish-Dish in Howick

Delish-Dish is also part of the Pizza Perfect restaurant chain and consequently is able to provide its customers with additional menu options, the most popular of which are its delicious wood-fired pizzas. It is well known that the majority of consumers prefer pizzas cooked in this way as opposed to those prepared in traditional ovens – a finding with which I can most certainly concur. After settling my bill I snapped as many pictures as I could before the fading light put an end to all the fun, leaving me no choice but to climb into my car and head off home.

I really liked this eatery. The service was good, the welcoming very warm, the décor tasteful, the ambience relaxed and pleasant and the menu offered virtually everything you’d expect to find at a family restaurant. There was also plenty of parking space available and the children’s playground kept all the young ones busy while their parents enjoyed their meal and a few drinks on the delightful deck. Delish-dish is definitely an establishment that offers something for everyone and is a must visit for both locals and out of Towner’s wanting to enjoy a tasty meal out.

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