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Museums to Visit in Durban

Updated Friday, 10 May 2019

Durban, in the South African province of KwaZulu Natal, is known for its humid conditions, tropical fruits, hot curries and stunning beaches. However, this area of the country is also rich in cultural history, and visitors are urged to explore some of this between surfing and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean waters.

Kwamuhle Museum

Some of most interesting museums in Durban

The KwaZulu Cultural Museum

Having been opened in 1984, this museum is focused on the Nguni people of the country. It showcases collections of their beadwork as well as fascinating insights into their culture, history and everyday lives.

Ncome Museum

This is built on the site of the Battle of Blood River, which saw the deaths of many Zulu and Voortrekker fighters in 1838. This museum focuses on cultural activities, such as traditional dancing, complete with traditional clothing and food.

Ncome Museum is also respected for their many educational initiatives that aim to raise awareness about the history of South Africa and how it has affected its present and future. By sponsoring certain events, Ncome Museum ensures that the community benefits from it in a holistic, practical way. Facilities include a curio shop.

The Voortrekker/ Msunduzi Museum

Our past may, sometimes, be a troubled and painful one. However, there are plenty of positive aspects to it and, in combination, these elements of our history have created a wonderful country of diversity and a rich heritage. This is what the Voortrekker Museum celebrates.

It was established in 1912 and includes amazing unique displays and items; such as Coenraad Snyman’s very large trousers, Piet Retief’s water bottle, King Dingane’s head rest and an ox wagon dating to 1824 and thought to be the second-oldest in the country.

Phansi Museum

Phansi Museum is home to one of the largest publically accessible collections of artefacts from Southern Africa in the entire world.

It is situated within a fully restored Victorian National Monument and effectively combines historical artefacts with a very modern design. Ndebele beadwork, contemporary sculptures and rare clothing worn by Sangomas are all part of the eclectic diversity of this museum.

Kwamuhle Museum

Other popular museums in Durban

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