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Jaxx Restaurant in Hilton – A review

Updated Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The beautiful and quaint village of Hilton in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is home to a number of fine eateries, many of which have been around for quite some time. A recent visit to village’s popular Quarry shopping centre, however, revealed the presence of Jaxx Restaurant, an obvious ‘new kid on the block’.

Not wanting to pass up the opportunity to try something new I decided to sit down and enjoy an impromptu lunch and, a few quibbles aside, I was rather happy with my findings. The Jaxx menu is quite varied with breakfast offerings including a selection of omelettes and traditional fare such as bacon and eggs on toast while healthier options are available for those keeping a strict eye on their waistlines.

I quite enjoy my cooked breakfasts, sometimes requested them even in the afternoon, but with Jaxx strictly adhering to their policy of “breakfasts served until 11am only” I had to look elsewhere on the menu for satisfaction. Not being particularly hungry I decided to settle for a roast beef, pickled onion and Dijon mayo sandwich with French fries which, at just R35, seemed like a decent bet.

Jaxx Restaurant

While waiting for my meal to arrive I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate (R17) served with a complimentary shortbread which I thought was a nice touch. After about 15 minutes my sandwich arrived and although it didn’t appear particularly appetising it certainly was both tasty and filling.

With delectable desserts such as crème Brule and berry meringue on offer it wouldn’t be out of place to question my sanity for opting for something seemingly as bland as a scone and marmalade (R20) instead. Perhaps it’s the sweetness of the marmalade or the aroma of a freshly baked scone straight from the oven that does the trick for me, but whatever the reason, it’s a winning combination every time.

I enjoyed my visit to Jaxx. The service was fairly good, the food reasonably well-presented and well-priced and the atmosphere quite lively and up-beat and for those wanting more than just a light lunch, dishes such as coriander and coconut chicken (served with basmati rice), ginger and lime prawns, chicken pasta and vegetable curry, among others, are sure to tickle your palate.

Jaxx Restaurant is also open for dinner till late and after a pleasant lunch time outing I see no reason why an evening visit wouldn’t herald a similar result. Just a word of caution though. Hilton can get very cold in the evenings, even this late in the year so it’ll be wise to pay close attention to what the weather is doing before booking a table.

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