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I Love Pongola Because …

Updated Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Hi, I’m Lindy Blevin from Shayamoya Tiger Fishing & Game Lodge in Pongola in the Zululand Region of KwaZulu Natal.

PONGOLA IS BEST KNOWN FOR tiger fishing, its oasis feel, awesome views of the Lebombo Mountains and Rooirand Ridge, game viewing and birding, delicious mangoes, citrus and litchis, pretty rolling hills covered in sugar cane, and friendly community who are caring and helpful, and of course the warm weather.


GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN AT the Pongola Game Reserve.

THE BEST view PICTURES CAN BE TAKEN AT Shayamoya’s deck as it has an elevated positioning; also at the top of the Lebombo Mountains on the way to Jozini.

WHEN THE WEATHER’S GOOD, I LIKE TO go for a boat cruise on Lake Jozini where the game viewing and birding is fantastic! We are so spoilt with this Garden of Eden in our backyard!

WHEN THE WEATHER’S BAD, I LIKE TO curl up with a good book next to a roaring fire.


I THINK THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO VISIT IS Spring, BECAUSE of the tiger fishing but February to May is my favourite when the baby animals have been born and the bush is lovely and lush from the Summer rains. Winter is also stunning when all the aloes are in flower and the air is crisp which means the views are touchable.

MY FAVOURITE BREAKFAST SPOT IS Tamboti Ridge Bed and Breakfast. Wholesome and lots of homegrown fruit, the milk is fresh from the farm cows, the coffee is rich and delicious.

FOR LUNCH, I SUGGEST Mkuze Cricket Club or locally known as MCC.

MY FOR DINNER, I SUGGEST Shayamoya’s Bundu Pot Restaurant.



IF YOU WANT TO MEET LOCALS, GO TO OK Food Shop’s Coffee shop – everyone meets everyone there!.

Pongola’s BEST KEPT SECRET IS Pongola Vleis – the butchery where the meat is excellent at great prices. Best biltong in the Country!

MY FAVOURITE DRIVE IS down to the Mara on the Pongolo Nature Reserve. Here you will see herds of animals!


MY FAVOURITE SHOP IS the Junk Shop – it has everything! From fishing equipment, to paint, to stationery, to material, photo shop, signs made.

MY FAVOURITE animal WATCHING SPOT IS the Pongola Nature Reserve.

TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN? A FUN OUTING IS to the Pongola Palm Nursery for pancakes, milkshakes and the kids can see the many exotic parrots, or duiker, donkey, rabbits, etc kept in cages.


WHEN MONEY’S NO OBJECT, I LIKE TO go to Pakamisa Lodge for suishi.

MY FAVOURITE WEEKEND GETAWAY IS at the Shayamoya Tiger Fishing and Game Lodge.

I Love Pongola Because if your car breaks down on a long weekend or a Sunday, someone will open their garage and assist in getting it fixed; if you left your postbox keys at home; the Postmaster will assist in collecting your post for you; if you are late in collecting your kids because your hairdo is taking too long, your hairdresser will arrange the lift; if you don’t have money in your wallet and pop in at the Wimpy after Church on a Sunday, you can pay for your newspaper the next day; it is such a wonderful community and a healthy way of living with good family principles.


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Shayamanzi Houseboats: +27 (0)34 413-2299
Tamboti Ridge B&B: +27 (0)34 435-1110
Mkuze Cricket Club: +27 (0)35 573-1441
Pongola Vleis: +27 (0)34 413-1226
The Junk Shop: +27 (0)34 413-1900
Pongola Palm Nursery: +27 (0)34 413-1860
Pakamisa Lodge: +27 (0)34 413-3559