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A Quick Bite at Mo-zam-bik in Ballito – a review

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

It was date night on Friday night, but more to the point I really didn’t feel like cooking so my husband and I headed to Ballito for a quick bite to eat. We had heard good reviews about a restaurant called Mo-zam-bik so thought we would give it a try.

The concept of Mo-zam-bik is a family restaurant based on the authentic Mozambiquen barraca (or hut); a place where one can get a delicious meal and sip on a Mozambiquen beer or a cocktail in a no frills but friendly, chilled out atmosphere.

What Mo-zam-bik advertises Mo-zam-bik certainly delivers; the Ballito branch is a double storey building with a cocktail deck. Smokers are designated to the downstairs seating area while we, as non-smokers were shown to a table upstairs.

Its basic but the atmosphere is great; friendly, relaxed with efficient and prompt service. Even though the KwaZulu Natal winters are nothing compared to Cape Town or Gauteng there was a bit of a nip in the air and I was rather envious of those who had tables next to the standing gas heaters!

The Restaurant

The menu has enough to choose from but is not so overwhelming that one doesn’t know where to start. The starter options ranged from grilled chicken livers (R46) to sliced and grilled chourico sausage (the prices differed according to whether one has a full or half portion), snails, mussels, giblets (all between R41 and R52), rissoles at R44, calamari (R42) and green olives with cashews marinated in a chilli-lime olive oil (R40).

My husband opted for the chicken livers – they were mouthwatering; cooked with fresh garlic, lime and bay leaves and served with a substantially large Portuguese bread roll, I definitely had a slight case of order envy! I decided to try the rissoles which are pastry pockets stuffed with either a prawn or chicken filling and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. These too where delicious and with four per portion they were more than enough as a starter.

When it comes to a main course I will more often than not, choose steak over a fish dish. However the Cabo Delgado caught my eye and I thought I would fling caution to the wind and order it. I was not disappointed; one can either choose the linefish (R112) or just a plain old hake (R80) which is served with a sauce of green banana, mango, shallots, coconut milk and coriander. All main courses are served with either wasabi mash, chips, rice or veges; I ordered half chips, half veges and they were a perfect accompaniment.

The Restaurant

My husband ordered a full portion of grilled calamari, served with chips. Other main courses include the grilled fish of the day (again one can either choose the more expensive line fish or hake) which are served with either a Zambeziana, garlic lemon or piri-piri sauce. Also on the menu are prawns which are grilled and served with either a piri piri or lemon sauce and a seafood platter.

If meat is more your style choose either the Mo-zam-bik or Sacana style steaks, a chicken or steak prego or an espetado. There are also a number of chicken dishes with a designated ‘girls sauce’ (without the chilli!)

Ballito Info:

Contact Mo-Zam-Bik:

Where? Mo-zam-bik Ballito can be found at 4 Boulevard Centre, Compensation Road, Ballito.
Telephone +27 (0)32 946-0979.

We really enjoyed our meal at Mo-zam-bik and can imagine sipping a cocktail on their deck come the summer months. And the service was brilliant.