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The Exceptional Bakery and Deli is popular with the local crowd

Updated Wednesday, 9 January 2019

I’ve discovered somewhere that is fast becoming my favourite coffee spot. Located in the village of Umhlali, The Exceptional Bakery and Deli has only been open for six short weeks but is quickly gaining popularity with the local crowd.

What makes this venue so attractive is its premises … slap bang in the middle of the Karibu Nursery! There are a number of tables on a raised and covered deck area which overlooks the majority of the nursery area and there is certainly something tranquil about sipping a cup of Illy coffee while gazing out over rows of bobbing Agapanthus or bright daisies…

The Exceptional Bakery and Deli

The bulk of the seating is indoors where tables are decked with white linen tablecloths and vases of fresh flowers. The chairs are incredibly comfortable and the huge air conditioner will no doubt hold its own during the humid summer months ahead.

However, I don’t return to a venue two weekends in a row for the comfy chairs and air con system, I return because the food is good … and believe me, the food is good!

We were a bit pressed for time on our first visit and only sampled their delicious croissants and cheese and bacon scones but our second visit allowed us to peruse the menu at our leisure.

We ended up deciding on a quiche Lorraine with side salad. The quiche, when it arrived was absolutely enormous and like no other quiche I’d seen! It must have been at least two inches thick with a sliver of pastry for a crust and jam packed full of cheese and ham.

The Exceptional Bakery and Deli in Umhlali

I always have room for a sweet treat of some kind and as it was my birthday on the day we visited I was justified in ordering a salted caramel and chocolate tart. It was heavenly; the pastry had a crunch to it, the caramel was not overly sweet and the dark chocolate finished everything off perfectly.

In addition to the meals served, the deli also bakes, on site, a range of breads. We added to our bill a loaf of still steaming sourdough and two olive ciabattas. We don’t make a habit of eating bread but these loaves were too good to ignore and we made short work of them!

We have really enjoyed our two visits to The Exceptional Bakery and Deli and as the Christmas holidays draw near we will definitely be taking family and friends there for a meal.

We love the laid back atmosphere, serene surroundings and friendly staff – try it for yourself!

The Exceptional Bakery and Deli in Umhlali

Need To Know

The deli is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 07h30 to 16h30.

Address & Contact Details

The Exceptional Bakery and Deli at Karibu Nursery, Old Salt Rock Road, Umhlali, KwaZulu Natal
Phone: +27 (0)32 947-2124

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