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Yellowwood Cafe in Howick – A Review

Updated Sunday, 29 January 2017

A recent lunchtime excursion to Yellowwood Cafe in Howick in picturesque KwaZulu-Natal proved to be well worth my time with a combination of delicious food, friendly staff and scenic views making for a memorable visit. The Café is a country restaurant and prides itself on serving tasty yet wholesome food and after my friends and I had sampled some of the cuisine on offer, we couldn’t agree more.

Yellowwood’s menu is extensive. Lunchtime dishes consist of home- made chicken and mushroom pie, pork fillet, chicken roulade with feta stuffing and a selection of pasta’s, lasagne’s and tramezzini’s and wraps. The Café also boasts a mouth-watering dinner menu which includes a selection of steaks, fillets and rumps, lamb shanks and delicious ox-tail to name but a few …

Yellowwood Cafe in Howick

We booked a table on the patio which presented a wonderful view of Yellowwood’s lush green lawns and the delightful miniature animal farm complete with donkeys, horses, pony’s, pot belly pigs, goats and rabbits among others. The farm is always a big attraction and parents can rest easy knowing that their little ones will be occupied in the best possible way.

I ordered the chicken and mushroom pie which was not only delicious, but came with a decent portion of great tasting French fries. The rest of my party decided to go Italian with pasta’s, lasagne’s and tramezzini’s being the order of the day. Although we had to wait a while to receive our food, we all felt this was understandable given that the Café was packed.

When we eventually did receive our main course our waitress apologised for the delay and we all appreciated her courtesy and professionalism. Yellowwood insists on keeping all dishes homemade and using as many organic products as possible and with our palates and taste buds seemingly in heaven, this certainly seems to be a recipe for success.

Yellowwood Cafe in Howick

Dessert took the form of ice cream and chocolate sauce for yours truly while my friends settled for the same, except for Cally who decided the chocolate cake would be more to her liking and as with her main course, she wasn’t left disappointed.

After our meal we decided to go for a stroll in the beautiful fields that surrounded the Café and after taking a tour of the animal farm we were left spellbound by the cascading waters of the magnificent Howick Falls – what a view!

In addition to the farm, which incidentally is a must for animal lovers of any age, Yellowwood sports a variety of jungle gyms for children of all ages and a bike track for under fives. The establishment also caters for conferences, breakfast meetings, office, fair-well and kid’s parties, year-end functions, birthdays, anniversaries, product launches and wakes.

Yellowwood Cafe in Howick

To sum up, a visit to Yellowwood Café is a must for anyone seeking to enjoy a well-presented and wholesome meal in beautiful and scenic surroundings. The long wait for our food aside, friendly service, a great atmosphere and awesome scenery and views proved to be a winning combination. I thoroughly recommend it!

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