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We Explore the Lowveld National Botanical Garden

Updated Friday, 23 August 2019

The Mpumalanga Province is known around the world for its natural beauty and vibrant abundance in terms of the trees, flowers and general vegetation that flourishes here. The Lowveld National Botanical Gardens are the perfect place in which to immerse yourself in this beauty and to appreciate the natural wonders of real South African flora. These gardens are situated just off White River Road in the province’s capital city, Nelspruit.

The gardens are intercepted by the Crocodile River and the Nels River, which converge right in the heart of the gardens, creating stunning waterfalls that thunder down with majestic power. There are two viewing points (Nels and Cascades) from which these spectacular falls are best enjoyed.

Lowveld Botanical

The Lowveld National Botanical Gardens are home to one to the largest collection of South African fig trees currently in existence. It also boasts the Baobab tree (known for its characteristic shape as well as for its medicinal properties), forested areas (containing woody flora from the Coastal Belt and Limpopo) and a fabulous cycad display. The sheer combination of plants has consistently fascinated those that appreciate the outdoors.

These gardens focus on the conservation and rehabilitation of rare and endangered plant species, investing much time, effort and resources into raising awareness about the plight of a number of plant species.

The nursery at the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens supplies excess plant stock to the public. This gives visitors the opportunity to enhance their own gardens with some of the country’s most stunning species at affordable prices. Available stock includes the coveted cycad, succulents and bulbs.

In addition to the plants, this botanical garden is also home to a variety of wildlife. There is a huge array of bird species that have made this their home; soaring high overhead or perching in the boughs. These include the crested francolin, emerald-spotted wood dove, spotted eagle owl and square-tailed nightjar. Reptiles include the Mozambique spitting cobra, spotted bush snake, twig snake and black mamba. Other animals that are frequently spotted here include the vervet monkey, dwarf mongoose, hippopotamus, and thick-tailed bush baby.


There are various venues available at the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens, available for product launches, weddings, conferences and other parties. Celebrate in style amidst the unrivalled beauty of Mpumalanga for an event your guests are sure to remember.

Students, senior citizens and children enjoy discounted rates, while adults pay an entrance fee of only R22.

Before you head off to your Kruger Park Hotel stop by the Lowveld Botanical Gardens for a breath of fresh air or find accommodation in the Lowveld nearby here:

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