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A Beach in Cape Town for every time under the sun

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Cape Town is the advantage of being a peninsula jutting out amidst the currents of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.  On one side you will be totally flabbergasted by the icy temperatures of the water whilst on the other, the wind will teach you the true meaning of a sandwich.   Surfers will steer clear of wave-less beaches whilst those in search of a tan will head to others, here’s my guide to a beach in Cape Town for every occasion …

Sunrise and a dawnie on Muizenberg

For those early birds who wish to catch sunrise and surf may head to Muizenberg for both.  You’ll want to wait for offshore conditions before grabbing a longboard and wetsuit and heading out for a surf session at dawn.  If you’re yet to stand up on a board, this is the perfect place to learn.  It’s lined with surf shops where you can rent equipment as well as get an able instructor.

There are lifeguards on duty during season and shark spotters up on the hill to give the go-ahead to hoist the flags and sound the siren if you need to get out the water.  Best of all you can catch a wave as the sun first greets the city and grab a morning cappuccino from one of the many cafes on the beach.


Swimming at St. James beach

Whilst all the tourists will be sunning themselves on Clifton and Camps Bay beach on the Atlantic side, you can enjoy a swim in front of the bright red, yellow, green and blue changing rooms of St. James on the road leading to Kalk Bay.

Moms bring their babies here, children swim in the pool and you can swim in the sea knowing full well that waves are not going to disturb you as the pool is enclosed.  There’s a train station right here, so on a hot day to skip the traffic caused by construction and take the train.

The Tidal Pool at St James

Bronzing your body on Clifton 2nd

The four Clifton beaches are renowned as the beaches reserved for the posers and those keen to be seen.  Very few people actually swim on these beaches unless it’s really hot and prefer to get a shade or two darker instead.  A dip in the chilly water is well worth it when it’s a scorcher of a day.  These beaches are sheltered from the wind so sun worshippers can rest assured knowing they can tan until there is no longer any sun.  Because Clifton fourth usually is overrun with people, Clifton second is a good choice for a slightly bigger patch of sand.

Clifton Real Estate

SUPPing on Blouberg beach

Blouberg beach is a long stretch of sand where you can go for a long walk undisturbed or rent a stand-up paddle board from the shops across the road and give it a go.  When they are waves, they tend to be quite gentle.  So if you’re a beginner you’ll enjoy the flat waters of this coastline and most experienced SUPPers will look out for bigger waves to ride.


Sunset picnic on Llandudno

Let’s be honest, unless it’s a scorcher of a day or you’re a surfer with a 5 mill wetsuit, you are not likely to brave this icy water.  Llandudno is best enjoyed as the sun is sinking below the sea and bathing this white-sand beach in a warm glow.  Pack your picnic basket and bring something warm to wear because once the sun disappears the breeze will leave you chilled.  Many people enjoy champers and wine on the beach even though it is prohibited, so don’t be alarmed if the police show up to check your cooler bag which they often do in season.


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