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A night out at decoDance in Sea Point

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

I love dress up themes and will generally throw myself into a dress up party with gusto which sometimes is to my own detriment. Case in point the “I can’t believe you wore that to my 21st” theme where I drove from the Southern Suburbs to Muizenberg in a towel, with one wrapped around my head, only to discover (to my horror) that the birthday girl and 90% of her friends were wearing pretty dresses. Lesson learnt always take a change of clothes in the car.

That party firmly in the memory banks I do not shy away from the opportunity to dress up and do something a bit differently. So when it was suggested we donned some 80’s outfits and hit the new decoDance in Sea Point one Friday night I immediately said yes.

decoDance in Sea Point

Now in its new home on Sea Point main road, just next to Nando’s, we wanted to check out what it was like after the big move. Previously decoDance was quite a dingy, cramped space in the basement of the old silo at Old Biscuit Mill. Even though it was small and filled with delightfully colourful characters it was an absolute blast.

Why such a blast you ask? Well for a number of reasons first and foremost would be the music selection, decoDance plays the best of rock and alternative music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which bring back a ton of memories and excellent sing-a-long opportunities. The old decoDance also was very strict on the “no drinking or smoking on the dance floor” policy, which was a fantastic concept because you didn’t dance on a sticky and glass strewn floor or run the risk of a less sober patron spilling their drink on you. An excellent policy that worked really well.

The old decoDance was a great night out. So we decided to go and check out what the new decoDance had to offer. It was a Friday night and I pulled on my bright pink “wet-look” leggings, false eyelashes, leg warmers, garish make up and even took the time out to crimp my hair – admittedly I only crimped half of it because yikes that was a mission! My friends didn’t disappoint either with bright coloured outfits, side pony tails, alice bands and more and off we headed.

@ decoDance in Sea Point

You’ll find decoDance at 120b Main Road Sea Point and if you arrive before 22h00 dressed up you’ll get in for free otherwise entry is R30 for ladies and R50 for gents. Immediately we could see that we might be very over dressed for the night as other groups of people only had on a couple of pairs of leg warmers between them… but never fear we were there to have fun!

The new decoDance is now split into two sections a non-smoking and smoking section each with their own DJ and dance floor. Seemed like a good start, however you definitely got the feeling that all the action was happening in the smoking section, but as the night progressed both sides of the club filled up nicely.

The music was absolutely fabulous, just as we expected and we danced around like crazy people for the entire night (I think we got away with our ridiculously over dressed outfits purely because it was the Halloween weekend). I was however sad to note that even though the policy is still there, plenty of drinking and smoking takes place on the dance floors so in that respect it definitely doesn’t meet up to the old decoDance.

Other things to note is that it is a cash only bar so don’t think you can pay with a credit card because I didn’t see any such facility and there are plenty of signs saying cash only. Other changes include a pole in the smoking area’s dance floor and plenty more space in comparison with the old venue as well as various seating options when you need to give you feet a break.

@ decoDance in Sea Point

All in all it was a really fun night out and I will be making my way back there in the near future. I love to remember all the music we forget to remember but know all the words when we hear it. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend some time with your friends and you’re looking for a place to let loose and dance the night away then decoDance is the place to be.

And why not do what we did and dress up? Find out if it was more fun in the 80’s – I think it’s fun no matter what decade you’re in… But it does take almost a decade to crimp your hair!

Venue Details:

decoDance – 120b Main Road, Sea Point, (The Old Charlie Parker’s)

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