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Cape Town Jazz Safari

Updated Monday, 1 April 2019

Reviewed by the New York Times as ‘gritty authenticity’ and revered by the locals as authentic grooves, easy listening in Cape Town is a musical must. Take in live jazz in the living rooms of living musicians. Sit at the dining room table that comforts the local jazzing legends of moody tunes and absorb them carving out rhythm in a private performance at their private residence.

Jazz Safari

A jazz safari will open the city’s hidden alleyways with a secret handshake and a nod that allows access to otherwise unrevealed hotspots. A constant soul provider throughout historic spaces of pain, Jazz has been a cultural companion of Capetonians throughout the South African struggle. Brass notes, ivory keys and guitar strings continues to weave sounds and silences into an evening excursion of sauntering and socialising …

The night tour commences at Distrix Café at the base of the historic District Six hillside and on the pinnacle of any jazz journey. A musical narration of a nostalgic era is told by the tune and testimony of old-school savants; Abdullah Ibrahim and Basil Coetzee. A privileged right of passage lined with original black and white photographs leads to the ‘M7’ music school which is raised under the guidance of Abdullah Ibrahim.

Jazz Safari

Cape Town’s first so-called coloured township, namely Bridgetown, where passionate composer Mac McKenzie hangs his hat is then explored as a next stage of call. As a nightcap treat at the final destination jazz pianist Hilton Schilder makes a guest appearance from time to time as does an impromptu jamming session with artists who support their families solely off gig appearances.

Ladies and gentleman put your hands together for a night with key master musicians in the city of jazz aficionados … and all that jazz.

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