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Company’s Garden Gets a New Historic Veg Garden – a World Design Capital Project

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Cape Town’s Company’s Garden used to be a vegetable garden 360 years ago. It was built to supply ships travelling the spice trade route from the East Indies, when they pulled in to Cape Town.

Cape Town, back then, was known as ‘The Tavern of the Seas’ and the first European settlement of what was then called the Cape of Good Hope began with this garden.

The historical record describe how Hendrik Boom, the master gardener at Company’s Gardens, sowed his first seeds in 1652.

Company Garden

Now in 2014, a Dutch-period vegetable and herb garden is underway in the parking area of the maintenance yard of Company’s Garden, in memory of the former garden. Its produce will be sold to the community of the Bo-Kaap and go towards value-added products like candles.

But placing it on the tourist path of Cape Town means that hundreds of tourists, and locals, will be encouraged to do similar and invest in their own vegetable patches or green projects. It will also function as a means of teaching local communities how to grow their own produce.

The new vegetable orchard features as a project of World Design Capital – using design to enhance the quality of life of those who live in the city.

Company Garden

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