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A Taste of Mexico from El Burro in Green Point

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

It was a friends birthday and the plan was to meet up at the mexican place, El Burro on Somerset Road in Green Point. I’d heard many good things about this place and so was excited to try it out. Walking in there was an instant buzz of activity and happy hum of voices in the already packed restaurant – note to self booking is probably always a good idea with this one as this was a week night.

We were a big table, many of whom were strangers to one another (except for the birthday girl – obviously) so the first little while was spent getting introduced to one another and completely forgetting to look at the menu. I had a brief perusal through the drinks section and decided that since I was in a mexican restaurant I should try at least one tequila based cocktail!

I opted for an El Diablo, simply because I wanted to say the name and it sounded cooler than a Mexican Mule. Turns out I’d made a good choice, the combination of tequila and raspberry liquer topped with soda and ginger beer was as refreshing and tasty as it sounds. And while I sipped on this I had my fair share of the corn chips and dip that were on the table. Aperfect start to this mexican evening.

El Burro
Photographs — Left: My El Diablo / Right: Selection of starters

The birthday girl decided to order some starters for the table and soon the table was ladened with platter of interesting and mouth watering looking dishes. We eagerly passed the plates around for a taste of everything. We had pan seared calamari which was perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection and things called “taquitos” which are corn tortillas that are filled with refried beans and other tasty treats and accompanied by sour cream and salsa.

My favourite of the starters was a huge toss up, because I simply adored the ceviche because it was light and flavoursome but I think I favoured the chilli rellenos. I’m a big spicy food fan and love melted cheese and these rellenos ticked both of those boxes. You simply have to try these when you’re at El Burro. But, be warned they are hot (both spicy and heat hot).

El Burro
Photographs — Left: Corn and courgette quesadilla / Right: A speciality tequila

Since my starter had been chosen for me, I then had the difficult decision of sifting through the menu to decide what I’d like as a main. Believe me when I tell you this was a tough choice. With so many delicious sounding items from rib eye steak to enchiladas of all variety, tacos and “build-your-own” options each with their own pulls in their direction I decided what some might think was a boring option. I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy meat dish and after a slight over indulgence on the starters I wanted something a bit lighter.

My choice was the “summer corn and courgette quesidilla” and since I have a little love affair with corn this immediately caught my attention. The choice was a great one and the corn tortilla’s were stuffed with lightly fried corn and courgettes, which had a dash of lime, fresh coriander and plenty of cheese. So very tasty, but like all of their portions it seems just a little bit too much for me to eat in one sitting! But no problem, that meant lunch for the next day, which was wrapped in tinfoil in a bird shape.

El Burro in Green Point is a fantastic dining experience and awesome if you’re a group of people. The service was fabulous and if you’re a tequila fan this is the place for you as the menu is extensive. The birthday girl was treated to one or two of the special options on the menu and these were more definitely enjoyed. Head here if you’re after a fun night out with great food at reasonable prices and plenty of options for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

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