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Explore the Matroosberg Private Game Reserve

Updated Friday, 6 September 2019

Just 35 kilometres from the picturesque area of Ceres lies the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve. Surrounded by the magnificent Matroosberg Mountains, which tower at 2 249 metres above sea level, this really is a uniquely idyllic getaway. In fact, this is the highest mountain in the entire Boland region. From these heights, those that brave climbing the mountain can drink in the spectacular views of the Western Cape and Boland that lie below them in sleepy, majestic beauty.

Matroosberg Private Game Reserve

During winter, which extends from June to August in South Africa, the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve and its surrounds are painted with a thick veneer of snow. Because it is so cold during this time, the snow stays put for a long time, giving visitors a very special experience of Africa.

There is plenty to do within the rugged terrain of the Matroosberg Nature Reserve and the untouched landscape that surrounds it.

Adventure travellers and those who love a bit of an adrenalin rush will enjoy the following…

The 4 x 4 Trail –This trail is average in terms of its difficulty, presenting challenging obstacles and promising beautiful views. Climb to more than 2 200 metres above sea level, reaching the top of the Matroosberg Mountain. There, you will find a route that showcases some of the natural rock formations. In the winter, there are added challenges, as drivers have to negotiate slippery snow-turns that are the very definition of fun. There are also less challenging 4 x 2 trails, a 4 x 4 practice trail and a 4 x 4 trail that runs along the river

Snow Boarding – During winter you’ll want to bring along your snowboard and feel the exhilaration of racing down these slippery slopes. A ski lift is available to members

Ice Climbing – In some winters, conditions allow for visitors to embark on an ice-climb. This takes skill and experience, but showcases the snow-laden Boland to perfection

Kloofing – The kloofing package comprises a two-day hike that includes 12 different abseiling points (some of them being situated in waterfalls). These kloofing trips are only available between December and February due to the weather conditions necessary to ensure that they are safe, comfortable and fun.

Game Drives – The adjacent Inverdoorn Game Farm offers guests of Matroosberg Private Game Reserve the opportunity to enjoy breath-taking game drives to appreciate the fauna and flora of the Western Cape.

Cherry Picking – The Klondyke Cherry Farm opens their doors to cherry pickers in December and is situated very close to Matroosberg. Enjoy the smell of the cherries and the warm sunshine on your back.

Matroosberg Private Game Reserve

In addition, there are hundreds of bird species that have made the Matroosberg Private Game Reserve their home, providing avid bird-watchers with plenty for which to look out.

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