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Perfect weekend fare – Breakfast at Caveau and picnics in Kommetjie

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

My Saturday was, as per usual a day of eating.  I didn’t feel too guilty about it though because Knysna Half Marathon training has commenced so I did my scheduled 3kms on Friday night and wrapped up a quick 5kms on Saturday morning (the views from Boyes Drive make it all worth while)!

Breakfast had been organised for 10am and I met my girlfriends at Caveau in Newlands.  Housed next door to the well known Josephine Mill, Caveau serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a delicious range of tapas (try the lamb samoosas or beef cubes with béarnaise sauce – to die for!).

We were there for breakfast though so I had to pass on the lamb samoosas and opted instead for the Caveau Eggs Benedict, served on a croissant with Black Forest ham, spinach and a Hollandaise sauce – absolute heaven!  Two flat whites and a glass or freshly squeezed orange juice accompanied the meal.  That and two hours of girl chit chat were a splendid start to my weekend!

Josephine Mill

Josephine Mill is well worth popping in to.  The museum upholds the age old tradition of stone-ground milling.  Records show the building dates back to 1840 and the operation stopped in 1863.  The building, abandoned in the 1930’s and exposed to the elements for all that time, was is a sad state.

The Cape Town Historical Society (who now owns the building) began its renovation and reconstruction and after extensive clearing of the immediate area exposed the original mill machinery and 13 years later, the iron waterwheel turned once again and supplied the community with stone-ground flour!


The weather on Saturday was perfect and as another cold front was en-route to Cape Town, we decided to make the most of the twenty degree day and headed, with our two dogs to the beach.  My husband was running the Milkwood 21.1km on Sunday and wanted to make sure he knew where the start was, so after popping in to the Soetwater Recreational Area we carried on to Kommetjie.  We had done our normal trick of packing a small cooler box with some nibbles and made our way over to the rocks just past the sign for Schusters Kraal.

The rocks are a perfect place to have a picnic lunch and we found a large, flat one where I could sit with my toes just dipping into a rock pool!  The sea was massive and we thought how brave the two surfers were, taking on those pounding waves!  The dogs had a good run, dashing into the waves and out again!

We made our way back to the Southern Suburbs with a pit stop at Imhoff Farm – I’ve never stopped here before and oh my goodness their seed bread is more-ish, as are their koeksusters!  The sticky treats are so good I had to have two.

Our day ended with drinks and a pizza at Forresters Arms while watching the Sharks beat the Stormers in the last few games of the Super 14!

So, as always, a busy Saturday but a good one all the same … at least I didn’t have to wake up at 5am to get to the start of a half marathon!

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