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A Photography walk through Cape Town

Updated Sunday, 30 December 2018

When it comes to Cape Town and photography, there is so much to capture, it’s insane.  So it was a brilliant idea for Ed Suter to hone in on street style and graphics throughout the city and encourage a group of photographers to capture this colour and energy…

This ‘City Explorations’ Walk was a part of Creative Week in Cape Town and inspired by Ed’s photography book ‘Sharp Sharp’ we walked through the city centre shooting stylish people, cityscapes and bright graphics on signs and storefronts.

Ed’s images which have been printed on table ware and fabrics have been adored by South African’s living abroad and the colourful texts taken at fish and chips shops, barbers and other local food stores remind them of home.

Cape Town Photography
Photograph taken in Cape Town by and © Vaughan McShane

I slowly but surely began approaching locals with their own unique styles or clothes which they carried really well.  I shot some professionals out and about during their lunch hour and others just enjoying the sunshine in the city. We asked our subjects to move in front of colourful walls, interesting doors and backgrounds which would bring out their own clothing colours.

I have always been a lover of old buildings, beautiful architecture and funky doorways, so I had a field day capturing the city hall in the background, Cape Town’s European influence and clock towers of churches.

The more I approached people, the easier it became and soon I realised how happy most people were to be photographed.  Ed would show them his book so they had some idea of what images we were going for and they happily posed for our multiple cameras.

One of my favourite parts was finding wall art in the city.  I found giant keys, a green floating man and a tree growing out from a heart reading ‘We all share roots’ a few blocks from each other. Maps of South Africa cropped up close to famous buildings such as Charlie’s bakery with its whimsical and festive art decorating the walls.

A Photography walk through Cape Town like this reminds me just how much we have to explore within our own cities.

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