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Rasondale Farm Stall

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

We drove back from Knysna on Monday and en route heard from our mortgage broker that our mortgage had been approved.  My husband already owns two properties but it’s a first time house purchase for me so understandably I was pretty excited!

Being sans a bottle of decent bubbly on our road trip we hooked a right at a road side cafe and treated ourselves to a pot of tea and a scone – we shared the scone; after all we have a mortgage to pay off!

Rasondale Farm Stall

What a find Rasondale Farm Stall is; situated on the N2 somewhere between the Breede River and Riviersonderend (actually following further Google research Rasondale is located in Swellendam) it’s a welcome oasis on the 500km trip between Knysna and Cape Town

We had made a determined effort to not stop at garages and fill our bellies with Wimpy fare and Rasondale was a perfect tea time stop.  A small ‘farm stall ‘ type shop is situated at the entrance of the building selling magazines, jars of jams, bags of ground flour and other standard road side bits.

The restaurant itself is substantial with a number of tables filling the inside of the building.  It was a beautiful day though and with tables outside we thought we would take advantage and enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous mountain views.

I ordered a pot of tea (two normal tea bags and one Earl Grey bag!) and an enormous scone to share.  Both the tea and the scone were very tasty and the perfect mortgage celebration!

The couple sitting at the table next to us ordered a burger and toasted sandwich; both of which looked like they had been made with a country hand!

Rasondale also had a small play area for children and large lawns – perfect for car weary little ones to stretch their legs.

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Telephone +27 (0)28 512-3383