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Things To Do In Bontebok National Park

Updated Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Bontebok National Park is situated in the picturesque Western Cape Province of South Africa and is flanked by the glorious Langeberg Mountains and Breede River.

Despite being the smallest of the National Parks in the country (covering a total area of less than 28 square kilometres), Bontebok is brimming with things to do and see, and stands apart for its progressive conservation initiatives. It is part of the World Heritage Site of the Cape Floristic Region.

Bontebok National Park

Here are some ideas for things to do and see in the Bontebok National Park:

Game viewing

the park is home to Bontebok, Stanley’s bustard, Cape mountain zebra, African clawless otter, grey rhebok, red hartebeest and the blue crane. There are two game viewing routes; namely the western route (which passes the old racecourse) and the eastern drive (known for its beautiful views).

Walking trails

visitors wanting to experience the splendour of the Bontebok National Park at a more leisurely pace can take any one of three different trails. The Aloe Walk is 3.3 kilometres long, the Acacia Route is 1.6 kilometres long and the Bushbuck Trail is 5.5 kilometres in length. Each boasts different perspectives of these gorgeous surrounds and is suitable for different fitness abilities.

Mountain biking

the 9.2-kilometre biking trail includes a short hiking section and promises breath-taking scenery.  This is ideal for those wanting to maintain a fitness regime on their holiday, or for families looking to spend some time together in the outdoors.


keen hikers are invited to do the six-day hiking trail through the Langeberg Mountains in Marloth Nature Reserve. This is considered to be one of South Africa’s finest trails.


the Breede River is simply stunning, and the perfect place to spend hot summer days swimming and splashing about. There are designated swimming areas in which bathers must remain.

Drostdy Museum

culture vultures should pay a visit to this museum, which tells the story of Swellendam, one of the oldest towns in the country.


anglers love the abundance of fish species that can be found in the Breede River. A permit is required and there are certain areas in which fishing is allowed.

Bird watching

for those that prefer to spend their time spotting birds flying overhead or perching in the boughs and bushes, there are a number of avian species that will make your bird-watching experience most rewarding. There are even some rare and endangered species that have made Bontebok National Park their home.

Bontebok National Park

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