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Tranquillity Cracks – Hiking Above Camps Bay

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Tranquillity Cracks, also known as Yellowwood Cracks takes its name from the forest of Yellowwoods growing from a crack in the skull of Table Mountain.

Start this walk from the Table Mountain Nature Reserve signpost on Theresa Avenue above Camps Bay.  Follow the path beyond the gate to the Pipe Track and then follow the path as it ascends.  You will go past a pump house and five minutes after this you should see a sign for Woody Ravine. 

Tranquility Cracks Hiking

Keep on the path and follow it around the corner to Slangolie Ravine, and then up steep steps.  You will see two signs stating ‘Dangerous Ascent’ – take notice of the newer of the two signs and at this point you should move down to the river bed and cross over to the other side of the ravine.  The path then continues steeply up the slope after passing under a rock face …

Approximately a quarter of an hour after passing the rock overhang, the path round a corner and moves up the slope – this is Corridor Ravine and you should now be 30 minutes from the top.

Once at the top, turn left onto the main 12 Apostles path and five minutes later you should come to the crest of Slangolie Buttress.  The path is on the left, about five metres short of the crest.  Keep following the path for about four or five minutes until you reach a rocky outcrop on the right.  You need to go straight through the crack in the rock and after about 20 metres the crack turns left – this is it, Tranquillity Cracks!

Tranquility Cracks Hiking

To get back to your car, retrace your way back to the main path and move left towards Table Mountain.  You should reach a cliff edge after about five minutes, at which point you can either scramble straight down the rocks or go around to the right which might take a bit longer.

Whichever way you decided, you should end up at the Slangolie Ravine.  Carry on up the other side of and then along the main path for about five minutes until you see a rock formation on the left.  About 8 minutes from here is the sign marking Woody Ravine and its another half an hour maximum from here until you reach the Pipe Track.

It’s a pretty steep descent but manageable all the same.  Once back at the Pipe Track retrace your steps to your car.

Tranquility Cracks Hiking

Please Note:

Please remember the mountain can be moody and the weather can turn quickly.  You should always carry a light but warm jacket with you, as well as plenty of water and sunblock.  Try not to walk on your own and always have a fully charged cell phone with you.

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