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Valley of the Gods Hiking Trail

Updated Monday, 28 January 2019

The Valley of the Gods Hiking Trail walk is along one of the most popular routes on the mountain and you get to enjoy great views along the way!  You start the walk from Rontree Estate which is above Camps Bay.  Make your way to Theresa Avenue and locate the concrete path that starts at the Table Mountain Nature Reserve sign …

Hiking above Camps Bay

After a ten minute walk along the path you should come to a fork and you need to keep right and head for the bluegum trees ahead of you (this is also the Pipe Track).  When you reach the Pipe Track look out for a metal signpost that will point you towards Kasteelspoort.  The walk from the signpost to Kasteelspoort should take between 75 and 90 minutes depending on your level of fitness.

The path will now become steeper and you will move diagonally across the slope before levelling off for approximately 100 metres.  After the level bit is a sharp incline and then another steep climb into Kasteelspoort.  You will know you’ve reached the top when you find a signpost showing you ways to either Maclears Beacon and Skeleton Gorge or Spring.  You need to choose the way to Spring and head for the gap in the mountains, keeping left at the fork.

Hiking above Camps Bay

You should enter the Valley of the Gods about five minutes later.  You will see another metal sign showing the way to Platteklip Gorge and you can now decide whether you would like to start the return journey or alternatively you can carry on through the Valley of Isolation and Ark Valley.

If you decide to carry on through the Valley of Isolation and Ark Valley, you will return to your current spot and the onward journey to your car will be a minimum of 75 minutes.

If you decide to head back to your car you need to take the Diagonal Route back to the Pipe Track.  The path descends towards the Barrier Ravine, then across Jubilee Ravine before continuing into Porcupine Ravine.  Follow the path down and around Porcupine Buttress.  Turn right after the rocky bit and carry on along the zig zag path towards the Pipe Track.

Hiking above Camps Bay

When you hit the Pipe Track turn left and make your way towards the blue gum trees.  You can take a short cut at the black and yellow pole and make your way to the gravel road.  Turn left and carry on along the concrete road.

If you decide to carry on to the Valley of Isolation (this should be another 60 minutes max), leave the Platteklip sign (you have to backtrack a few metres) and follow the path up the valley to the lip between the Valley of the Gods and the Valley of Isolation.  The Valley of Isolation has not only beautiful fynbos but also a grotto offering clean, fresh water to thirsty hikers!

Hiking above Camps Bay

After the grotto carry on along the path halfway up the valley (before it swings to the North) and then follow the path as is drops into Ark Valley.  An indistinct path veers to the left through reeds and grey rocks (look out for the rocks).

On the ridge above these rocks is a path heading towards the sea which you need to follow for approximately three minutes to a clear path that moves to the left and back into the Valley of the Gods.  The path brings you back to the Platteklip sign and you can then make your way back to your car.

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Hiking above Camps Bay

And always …

Make sure you follow the mountain rules and take enough water with you.  Sun block and a hat are essential in the summer and a light, waterproof jacket should always be carried.  Try to walk in a group of no less than four people and a fully charged cell phone is always handy!