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What to do and where to stay in Paternoster

Updated Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What to do and where to stay in Paternoster: Two hours drive along the West Coast road from Cape Town will bring you to the rustic seaside town of Paternoster.  Whether you’re longing for beach walks, seafood or just the sea breeze, it’s hard not to wind down whilst visiting.  Here are some things to do whilst here …

Beach Walks

Whilst this may sounds cliché, unless you live beside the ocean you’re unlikely to take long walks on the beach.  I’m not sure if there is anything more relaxing.  It’s leisurely, the air is fresh and salty and the sound of the ocean is so therapeutic.  Plus it’s a great way to stretch your legs over the long expanse of sand and get some exercise regardless of your age.  If you go at sunrise, you’ll catch the fishermen going out to sea.

Paternoster beach walks

Collect seashells

Not all beaches are laden with ample shells, but this is one of those beaches were you can look around and find some beautifully smooth shells.  My mom-in-law is a big fan of collecting these ocean treasures and makes the most wonderful crafts of hanging shells, photo frames etc.  Plus this is something kids will love.

Dine beside an open fire

Find delectable seafood dishes and sit in a courtyard filled with fairy lights. Paternoster can get quite cold at night especially in winter, so phone early to book a table beside the open fires and enjoy the South African modern fine-dining which they do best. Contact: +27 (0)22 752-2196

Crayfish Braai

Have a crayfish braai (barbecue)

There are so many opportunities to buy crayfish from locals once in Paternoster.  You will have to purchase a permit from the post office to buy or dive for crayfish yourself. Crayfish season falls between November and April and you should be aware of not buying undersized crayfish.  Once you have your crayfish, light a fire, brush them with some garlic butter and wait until they glow bright red before eating.

Visit Cape Columbine Nature Reserve

Even if you’re not camping within the Cape Columbine reserve, you have 263 ha of unspoilt land to explore. You can jump from boulder to boulder when the waves are not huge and enjoy the wild flowers which bloom between August and September.

Where to Stay in Paternoster
Photograph: Paternoster Dunes Guest House

Explore Paternoster

Stay at Paternoster Dunes Guesthouse

The luxury Paternoster Dunes Guesthouse is located directly on the beach and you can choose from five of their bedrooms.  If you stay on the ground floor, you can walk straight out onto the beach.  In summer, enjoy their salted swimming pool positioned in the Moroccan courtyard.  You can keep perfectly warm beside the fire in the guest area during the winter months.