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Green Map for Cape Town

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

Those who live in Cape Town are the envy of most of the country. It is one of the most spectacular settings on the planet, although its unique environment is also its most fragile asset. It lies in the heart of the Cape Floristic Kingdom, the smallest and most diverse of the world’s six floral kingdoms, is one of few cities in the world with a national park within city limits, and is home to two world heritage sites – Table Mountain National Park and Robben Island.

Now Cape Town has its own green map to illustrate its natural beauty, and the myriad green, eco and sustainable options available in the city, whilst encouraging people to live more sustainably to protect its vulnerable environment …

Use the Cape Town Green Map to make greener lifestyle choices and experience the Mother City’s wealth of sustainable resources.

In June this year capetowngreenmap went live with a virtual and carbon neutral launch, a couple of really good radio interviews, as well as features in various community newspapers. The website is home to the online Cape Town Green Map, which uses the Open Green Map system as its platform, and is powered by Google.

It’s a great map, allowing visitors to the site to zoom in and scroll around Cape Town, to find all of the green resources, products, local and organic markets, responsible accommodation, recycling drop off sites, box delivery schemes, nature reserves and the like close to you. There are already over 250 green sites on the map.

A handy tip: when visiting the site, click on the large map version, either the link directly above the visible map, or click on the ‘green map’ button on the top navigation bar. This allows you to use a search and filter function to make it easier for you to find what you’re after.

The website also allows you to suggest a site, shows latest green events, a summary of  icons and criteria used on the map and a ‘go green’ section, based on the Smart Living Handbook produced by the City of Cape Town, gives you a breakdown of how you can go green at home and at work. The map is a project of the Host City Cape Town Green Goal 2010 – the programme behind greening the 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

The great thing about the map is that it adopts the open source ideology. It is based on the Open Green Map system ( – an international online mapping platform used by 55 countries  in over 600 communities that together chart a sustainable future with a series of ward-winning icons. So, if it’s green and fulfills the criteria of the map, it automatically goes on the online Cape Town Green Map – no cost involved.

Since this week the Cape Town Green Map is now also available in print. The print version – a handy snapshot in time of green Cape Town – was launched on 24 November to the media and is available for download. You can also pick up a free copy from December at your local Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information Centre, so if you run a Bed & Breakfast or offer accommodation in Cape Town, this is an ideal leaflet to add as a room drop.

The print map, printed on SAPPI sponsored triple green paper, gives an overview of green Cape Town by combining a number of visitable sites such as nature reserves, local organic markets, responsible accommodation, where to eat and shop organic, local recycling drop-off sites and more. It’s aim is to remind both residents of Cape Town and visitors to the Mother city to live, work and play responsibly so as to reduce our impact on the fragile ecosystems within the city.

It will also be distributed via box delivery schemes, selected organic food outlets and eco product suppliers. Look out for a copy near you.