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Top 10 Attractions In Clanwilliam

Updated Sunday, 30 December 2018

Clanwilliam is one of the 10 oldest towns in South Africa and is only two hours’ drive from the Mother City, Cape Town. It is nestled in the Olifants River Valley at the foot of the magnificent and extensive Cederberg Mountain Range. Clanwilliam is small, but it is full of history and heritage, with plenty to see and do in and around its borders.

Windmill in Clanwilliam

This area is famous for many things, not least of all flowers, veldskoen and Rooibos. Every year, the flowers bloom in an exquisite array of colours, creating a blanket of bright hues over the countryside.

There are a number of tours for those wanting to see these flowers. However, in recent years, their appearance has been less predictable; sometimes happening much earlier than expected.

Veldskoen are leather shoes that are warm and comfortable, perfect for the farming folk. However, they have become popular for visitors from all over the world for their hardiness and true South African flavour.

Rooibos is used to make a herbal tea of the same name. This is the only place in the world where this plant is cultivated for export on a global scale. This tea has more health benefits than green tea.

Top 10 Attractions In Clanwilliam

Because it is such an old town, the architecture is fascinating, and the number of historically relevant buildings astounding. In fact, although small, this town is home to no fewer than seven national monuments.

Cederberg rock pools

More of Clanwilliam’s most popular sights and activities:

  • Hike the mountains and explore the caves for paintings and art left behind by an ancient indigenous people. Formal rock art trails are available through the Clanwilliam Living Landscape Project.
  • The Clanwilliam Dam and the Bulshoek Dam are beautiful and both provide great watersport destinations as well as idyllic picnic spots and perfect fishing hubs.
  • The Beaverlac Nature Reserve and the Matjiesrivier Nature Reserve are home to an array of animal species and also showcase some of South Africa’s gorgeous, indigenous fynbos.
  • Take a formal tour through the town and see the monuments for which this town is famous.
  • For those wanting to sample some of the glorious wines of this region, spend a day along the Olifants River Valley Wine Route, which is home to the most westerly wines in the country.
  • The museum is filled to the brim with unique insights into the history, culture and heritage of this entire area. It is perfect for young and old alike.
  • The art gallery showcases works by local artists as well as those situated further afield. This results in an eclectic selection of work. Art includes paintings, ceramics and photography. A perfect way to remember your time in Clanwilliam may just be to take home a piece of local art.

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