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The Great Whites of False Bay, South Africa by Dirk Schmidt – a Book Review

Updated Monday, 26 August 2019

This groundbreaking book is a world first, depicting the Great White Sharks which dominate the False Bay area and present a unique hunting behaviour of breaching during predatory events – and is the only book of its kind in print. It is soon to be a South African bestseller!

About the book

The Great Whites of False Bay South AfricaThe book contains spell-binding photography of the Great Whites breaching and hunting seals within the False Bay area, as well as delving briefly into the life cycle of the Cape Fur Seal, Seal Island’s history and False Bay, without diverging too much from the awesomeness of the White Shark hunting these waters …

The Great White shark is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and most awesome apex or macropredator of the seas. It is the largest predating fish on earth and has earned a much maligned reputation as an indiscriminate man-eater.

The Author of The Great Whites of False Bay South AfricaDespite the enormous popular and scientific interest in the Great White, it remains one of the least understood of the sea’s creatures. Its combination of size, menace and mystery, make the Great White Shark a modern day ‘monster’ that many people find irresistible.

The book is not meant to be sensational, but rather a true life reflection of the natural cycle of life at sea, and a guide to understanding one of the planets most awesome predator.

(The Great White’s of False Bay – 100 pages, with full color images, soft cover. Dimensions: A4 landscape).

About the author

Dirk Schmidt captures some awesome images of Great White Sharks in False Bay and illustrates the shark’s explosive presence during predatory events.  His images of Great Whites allow us to share a rare insight into Great White Shark behaviour.

Dr. Dirk Schmidt can be contacted by email on

Photographs from the book  © Dirk Schmidt

The Great Whites of False Bay South Africa

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