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Winner Canon PowerShot D10

Updated Monday, 30 January 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Mitchell, who has won a Canon PowerShot D10, for his winning entry in our Adventure-Proof Competition:

“I’m submerged in the water, breathing heavily as I sense danger is near. I peer through my goggles into the murky, dark water around me. I see the sudden flash of a shadow pass by. My heart pounding, the dark shadow shoots from left to right, getting closer and larger. Then suddenly, nothing, the shadow is gone.

I frantically search my surroundings seeking an escape but I’m trapped! Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of a silvery flash. The Great White shark lurches at me, mouth widen open, its teeth ready to slice through my flesh.

With death staring me in the face I click the button of my Canon PowerShot D10, blinding the shark and causing it to crash into the steel cage around me, as I get the picture of a lifetime!

With a sigh of relief, I realise I’m alive and on a shark dive at uShaka Marine World.”

Paul, your Canon PowerShot D10 is on its way to you. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your new adventure-proof camera and hope you’ll capture many adventurous moments with it.

Note to all entrants would like to thank all participants for their entries – we where overwhelmed by the number of entries and the high quality of “Adventure Stories” we received and picking a single winner was not an easy task.

Whilst we would have liked to open the selection of a winner to our readers via a voting system, some participants felt it was not fair as we had promised to pick and announce the winner here by the 1st July.

So we were left with the difficult task of selecting only one from hundreds of entries, of which 10 entries stood out as being “winners”.

We finally called in a panel of 5 independant persons (two of which are travel writers) and left the selection to them. 4 out 5 chose the winning entry as their first choice and the fifth person picked it as their second choice.

Congratulations to Paul Mitchell for his winning entry.




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