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Be a Good Sport in Cape Town

Updated Friday, 26 May 2017

The World Cup has provided the opportunity to try out various bars, pubs and clubs in Cape Town that have broadcast sports coverage. South Africa is such a sport-loving country that you’ll be able to follow your favourite sporting events at any time of the year.

Here are some options …

The Buena Vista Social Café

Thematically modeled on the famous Buena Vista Social Club in Havana, this little gem of restaurant has moved from its previous premises on Somerset Road to a brand new venue on Portswood Road. This positioning close to the Green Point Stadium has made sure they have taken advantage of World Cup fever, and many memorable games have been watched in the comfortable Cuban ambience.

The warm Cuban décor make this a great choice for a quiet drink or meal on a week night, but it’s also a great option when sport is on. The upstairs lounge area has comfortable seating for a crowd and is the best place for watching the game. I counted three screens in the venue, so it’s a good option even if it’s full. The menu is Cuban and Mexican with nachos and pizzas being two of the most popular items.

Find them at: 1st Floor Exhibition House; 81 Main Road; Green Point; Cape Town

The Fireman’s Arms

The Firearm’s Arms is apparently one of the oldest operating pubs in Cape Town and when you go there, you can believe it. The regular clientele looks like they might be some of Cape Town’s oldest operating citizens too. Established in 1864, the Arms is a classic Cape Town venue, filled with the kind of characters that you would expect to find in a local in England or Ireland. More recently the pub has been discovered by a younger set intent on claiming glory in the pub’s weekly Pub Quiz.

Fancy yourself as something of a general knowledge guru? The Arms is the place to test your skills on a Thursday evening. But be warned, regular crews of science nerds frequent the quiz, making it extremely tough to claim top honour. Unless you’re the sort of person who knows about space expeditions launched in the 70s and who invented the razor. It was Gillette (not Wilkinson) for future reference.

Aside from the amusing pastime of showing just how ignorant you really are, the pub also offers large screens for maximum sport-watching enjoyment.  The crowd is always jovial (it may have something to do with the beers on-tap) and the atmosphere is exactly the sort that lends itself to post-match celebrations. Give it a try.

Find them at: Corner of Buitengracht & Mechau Street, Cape Town Central, City Bowl


Rafikis is a legendary Capetonian establishment. Although opening in 2000, it’s one of the places in Cape Town’s cultural landscape that feels like it has been there forever.  Pick any Capetonian off the street and I’ll wager that they’ll be able to tell you about an epic night where Rafikis was involved.

The views from the balcony make it a perfect summer spot and the huge fireplace does the same for winter. Any time of year is really Rafikis time. It offers a solid but eclectic menu of food, nothing too fancy but perfect for a quick bite to eat with friends.  The pizzas come highly recommended.

When it comes to sports, the venue offers 6 different screen (each section has its own screen) so even when there’s more than one game, you’re covered.

Find them at: 13 Kloof Nek Road, Koof Nek, Cape Town

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