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African Wild Cat Photographs

Updated Monday, 11 September 2017

These photographs of an African Wild Cat were taken at the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal. Apart from the obvious difference in their ear coloration and the longer legs, the African Wild Cat is easily mistaken for a domestic cat. Interbreeding is possible as they are so closely related to domestic cats. Pure genetic African Wild Cats are quite rare and only found in remote areas as elsewhere interbreeding with domestic cats has taken place.

Visit the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre for an up close and personal tour and learn more about South Africa’s endangered wild cat species. View and photograph these amazing animals at the Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre.

African Wild Cat photographs – By and © Emdoneni Lodge & Game Farm

African Wild Cat

African Wild Cat at Emdoneni Lodge

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