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Fly Away Weekend to Zebula Golf Estate

Updated Thursday, 5 January 2017

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did – so explore, dream, discover – and this is exactly what NAC Training does at least once a year by arranging heart-soaring helicopter excursions for all their past and present students, friends, families and colleagues …

The most recent of these being a weekend at Zebula Golf Estate & Spa – the only 5 star venue of its kind, set in the Waterberg of the Limpopo Province, 1.5 hours north of Pretoria Accommodation by road or 1 hour flying time for the 11 helicopters who took to the skies from Rand Airport.  Remembering that it’s not just the journey that is important but how you get there that makes your trip something to remember for the rest of your life, we lifted off at 10h00 for what was to be an unforgettable adventure.

Zebula is a prime training area for mountain flying due to its close proximity to the Waterberg Mountains.  It’s a special place that offers much to most from golf to cheetah’s to spa treatments and gourmet meals.  The cheetah run is a highlight as Taran and Luka amaze you during their performance doing 0-100km in just 3 seconds, which is faster than a Ferrari!!

Some of the other activities include horse back safaris, clay target shooting, quad biking, fishing, game viewing and the snake and reptile park.  As we were there mainly to fly there wasn’t enough time to experience everything so another visit needs to be planned.  Mountain flying in a helicopter can be a challenging environment even for the most experienced pilot so we go there to learn wind finding procedures, pinnacle landings, mountain approaches and take-offs, mountain weather, valley flying and helicopter performance at altitude.

For me the helicopter is a place where many emotions are experienced, lessons are learnt, it’s a keeper of dreams but a place of deadly serious encounters yet also where I discover much about life, I learn about joy, pride, humility, fear and overcoming fear.  I experience much from this place that most people would never see.  At times it terrifies me, yet I can feel at home here, it is my place where I can truly live.

It was a spectacular, exhilarating experience!!

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