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Afro Optimism at ABSA Vuka Showcase

Updated Monday, 9 January 2017

This year sees the very first of a brand new event that promises to whip South Africa and the rest of the continent into a vibe of unique arts, music and the delicious cuisine of the nations. The Absa VUKA Showcase will highlight all that is African, progressive and exciting…

ABSA Vuka Shawcase

In the light of its theme, which is Afro Optimism, the art, cuisine and music of Africa is presented in a positive light; displaying how such a diverse continent can be united by the very things that define its different cultures and customs. This event is inviting representatives from 12 different countries (including South Africa, Tanzania, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Uganda and Ghana, amongst others) to showcase their unique array of arts and abilities. These will include graphic designers, painters, illustrators, CGI animators, graffiti artists, chefs, restaurateurs, traditional vintners, organic farmers, jazz singers, modern rock bands and many more.

The concept is that creativity is the catalyst, and even the moving force, behind social, political, economic and cultural change. This powerful force needs to be used responsibly and celebrated on a platform of Afro Optimism.

The Absa VUKA Showcase will be held at the Old Customs Building in the East London Harbour, which has, until now, suffered some neglect. However, this event is set to kick-start the revival of this classically picturesque, but industrial, hub that will soon be hosting some of Africa’s most exciting people.

Witness the integration of a continent amidst delicious flavours, colourful creations and the irresistible rhythms of Africa at the Absa VUKA Showcase, from 1 to 3 November 2013.

ABSA Vuka Shawcase

Destination Info

All the Details:

Dates: 1 – 3 November 2013
Address: Old Customs Building, East London Harbour, Hely Hutchinson Road, East London, Eastern Cape
Overnight: Book early to avoid disapointment! See Accommodation in East London