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Stanley Street in Richmond Hill Becomes PE’s Pulse

Updated Thursday, 5 January 2017

Richmond Hill is one of Port Elizabeth’s oldest suburbs, littered with charming Victorian homes that have been tastefully restored. It is bustling with newlyweds, young families and retired couples for a really diverse taste of the Friendly City. At any given time, neighbourhood dogs are seen exploring the area, children can be spotted playing soccer in the many parks around Stanley Street and couples meander past languorously, hand-in-hand.

Stanley Street runs through the heart of Richmond Hill and is bursting at the seams with fabulous eateries, cocktail bars and even a wine bar. Being situated so centrally, Stanley Street offers everyone, young and old, the perfect retreat for romantic dinners, relaxed drinks with friends and top-class culinary experiences.

For a classic snack that won’t disappoint, Charlie Superstar promises gourmet pizzas guaranteed to impress. Toppings include the best quality cured meats, exotic cheeses and fresh herbs available. An extensive wine list ensures that these pizzas are finished off to perfection. Sushi fundis cannot miss the opportunity to visit Fushin, which is arguably one of the best sushi restaurants in Nelson Mandela Bay. The modern setting and progressive menu creates a trendy venue for just about event.

Bahia Lounge and Salt are great spots for cocktails with friends. During the day, Salt serves meals too.

Bahia has a very tasty, albeit limited menu, but offers its patrons the option of ordering from any of the surrounding eateries and eating it in the comfort of this trendy lounge. For a more relaxed pub feel, the old favourite, Café Rouge, is almost always open. This is a real “local” and offers pub fare and gambling machines.

For the Love of Wine is a studio set-up that offers those with a discerning palate for great vintages a wide variety of flavours to savour. The owner prides herself in collecting some of the best wines from around the country and providing them on a comprehensive, inclusive wine list. In addition, patrons can order food from any of the Stanley Street restaurants for delivery to For the Love of Wine.

Deli Street Café is a comfy open-plan café with fab cappuccinos, fresh pastries and fun menu items like nacho-style flatbread. The décor is modern-vintage, with most of the décor items being on sale.

The other eateries that are situated along Stanley Street, part of creating its vibrant ambience and offering really great food, include Yiayias (a distinctly Mediterranean café), Pescadiya (focusing on seafood) and Bain Street Grill (with firm favourites like steak, prawns and ribs on its menu).

Tables are scattered along the sidewalks of Stanley Street, occupied with happy diners and infusing the entire area with laughter and animated chatter. At night, the trees come alive as fairy lights get switched on and the scene is set for another taste sensation in Stanley Street.

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Charlie Superstar: +27 (0)41 585-8225
Fushin: +27 (0)41 811-7874
Bahia Lounge: +27 (0)41 585-0474
Café Rouge: +27 (0)41 586-2139
For the Love of Wine: +27 (0)72 566-2692
Deli Street Café: +27 (0)41 582-2157
Yiayias: +27 (0)41 582-2848
Pescadiya: +27 (0)41 582-4899
Bain Street Grill: +27 (0)41 582-2914