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Things To Do Near Jansenville

Updated Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Dubbed the heart of South Africa’s mohair production, Jansenville is a small town in the Camdeboo plains, just above the picturesque Klein Winterhoek Mountain Range. The appeal of this town lies in its natural beauty, which is quite different from the lush abundance of other areas. Rather, it is characterised by clear blue skies that meet a horizon of scrubby Karoo vegetation and the hardy fauna and flora that thrive under these conditions.


Although small, Jansenville has a distinctive historical value that testifies to the rich heritage of this part of South Africa. This historical value, combined with the scenic landscapes and quiet isolation makes Jansenville a rewarding destination for local and international travellers.

Things to do and see in and around Jansenville include

The Anglo Boer War Fort – this was the site of a number of encounters between the British settlers and the Boers (who hailed from the Dutch and French settlers of decades before). The building of this fort began in January 1901 and it was renovated in 2011. Visitors can tour the fort by prior arrangement.

Explore the prehistoric fossils preserved to tell the tales of yesteryear, when this entire region was occupied by indigenous folk.

The Mohair Experience Museum – learn about the mohair process, from when the goat is shorn to when the beautiful garment is produced. This is then exported all over the world for discerning fashionistas and private buyers.

There are a number of game reserves for those that love animals and the outdoors; such as Koffylaagte, Blaauwbosch, Camdeboo and Baviaanskloof. These are home to an array of wildlife that makes for stunning safaris and photo opportunities.

The Graaff-Reinet Golf Club is a 9-hole course that is less than 100 kilometres from Jansenville.

The African Dankbaar Lion Breeders is only 45 kilometres from the heart of Jansenville and is a family-owned initiative with the goal of preserving the lion population in the Eastern Cape. In addition to seeing the power and beauty of this majestic cat, visitors are also invited to enjoy a picnic (baskets available) within the gorgeous surrounds.

4 x 4 trails are really fun in this mountainous terrain. Gonjah (in Patensie) and Bedrogfontein (in Kirkwood) are two of the nearby trails.

Cheetah in Kalahari

The Daniell Cheetah Breeding Project is situated in Kirkwood and offers visitors the unforgettable experience of interacting with this playful, yet powerful animal. Learn about their habitat, feeding habits and the initiatives in place to preserve them.

The Valley of Desolation is a natural wonder and a memorable sight to behold.

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