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I Love Sedgefield Because …

Updated Thursday, 10 January 2019

Hi, I’m Karen Krüger from Sedgefield on the Garden Route.

Sedgefield IS BEST KNOWN FOR its five amazing, unspoilt beaches and excellent paraglyding conditions, as well as being named, the first official ‘Cittaslow – Slow Town” in Africa.

GET YOUR PICTURE TAKEN AT Gericke’s point, where you feel as if you are surrounded by two oceans meeting and where the dolphins come to play.


THE BEST action PICTURES CAN BE TAKEN AT at Myoli beach, while taking kite-surfing or surfing lessons.

OTHER HAPPY SNAPS just seem to happen all over this fantastic town and surrounding nature reserves.

WHEN THE WEATHER’S GOOD, I LIKE TO ride up Cloud Nine on my mountain bike to appreciate the spectacular view over the whole of Sedgefield and the surrounding lake areas. Also a great spot for a picnic!

WHEN THE WEATHER’S BAD, I LIKE TO visit our numerous local artists, who’s artwork inspire and delight. From the most amazing wood-items, stunning paintings, mosaics and pottery is to be found here.

I THINK THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO VISIT depends on every individual, BECAUSE we are blessed with a semi -tropical climate, which means stunning summers and mild winters.


MY FAVOURITE BREAKFAST SPOT IS Fresh Bean Café. Their huge portions, do not compromise on quality. They are also well known for their delicious coffee and lemon tart!

FOR LUNCH, I SUGGEST Café Francois. His dishes are inspired by eastern, moroccan and mediteranean cuisine.

MY FAVOURITE RESTAURANT IS Montecello’s, TRY THE Espetada’s, it’s mouthwatering, melt in the mouth, matured and marinated rump-steak cubes on a giant skewer.


MY FAVOURITE chill SPOT IS right at home, on Aviyah’s Sundowner deck, while watching the sun set over the ocean.


FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN TRY Pili Pili Beach Bar and 22˚ East Restaurant.

IF YOU WANT TO MEET LOCALS, GO TO Pili Pili Beach Bar and Afrovibe Lodge.

Sedgefield’s BEST KEPT SECRET IS Sedgefield itself. The world seems to come to a standstill in this town and you are reminded, that it is actually fun to live.

MY FAVOURITE THING TO DO WITH FRIENDS IS going to the Wild Oats Harvest Market on Saturday mornings for breakfast and then to enjoy a hiking trail through the forest at either Goukamma Nature Reserve or Wilderness Nature Reserve.

FOR SOME CULTURE, I LIKE TO GO TO Scarab Art & Craft Market on Saturdays.


TO RELAX AND RESTORE MY SOUL, I LIKE TO take long walks on either Cola-, Myoli- or Swartvlei- Beach.

IF YOU’RE FEELING ADVENTUROUS, TRY paraglyding from Cloud Nine. There’s a number of companies which offer tandem-flights.

MY FAVOURITE DRIVE IS Seven Passes drive, through very scenic areas surrounding Sedgefield.

MY FAVOURITE SHOP IS Sedgefield Vintage and Classic Cars.

MY FAVOURITE swimming SPOT IS at River Mouth Beach. No waves crashing you into the ocean floor.

IF YOU’RE HERE IN April, JOIN IN THE FUN AT the Sedgefield Slow Festival.


MY FAVOURITE GALLERY IS Sue Watson’s Art Gallery. CHECK OUT her beautiful paintings adorns many walls in South African homes.

TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN? A FUN OUTING IS renting mountain bikes from cycleworx and explore Sedgefield by following the mosaic route or scout for tortoises which inhabits our town, ride the incoming tide on boogy boards at River Mouth Beach, or build sandcastles at Myoli Beach.

BEST CHEAP AND CHEERFUL OUTING IS floating down the lagoon on the incoming tide at River Mouth Beach.

WHEN MONEY’S NO OBJECT, I LIKE TO go horseriding through the forest (black horse trails or Buffalo Bay Mini Magic and Horse Rides) or feed the elephants (Knysna Elephant Sanctuary).

Elephants at Knysna

THE MOST UNUSUAL THING I SEE HERE IS the fact that everybody is really working together, to look after the environment and to protect the uniqueness of Sedgefield. We are serious about protecting the tortoises that roam our town and that is why our town’s “mascot”, is a giant concrete tortoise, decorated with beautiful mosaics, and we have two on the town’s mosaic route. The rarely seen Oystercatcher (bird), have breeding grounds at Cola Beach and we have Fish-eagles breeding on the fossilized dunes in Sedgefield.

MY FAVOURITE WEEKEND GETAWAY IS staying in Sedgefield, because everything I like to do, is right here!

WHEN I WANT TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY, I support and promote my town, the community benefits tremendously, because by encouraging outsiders to visit Sedgefield, the town’s economy is stimulated, to create even more opportunities for employment.  We have a wonderful community centre, Masithandane, where unemployed, unskilled and elderly people as well as people with disabilities, are trained to do stunning mosaic-work, which is sold for an income.This is only part of what Masithandane does for the local, disadvantaged people in the community.

I Love Sedgefield BECAUSE it reminds me to live and that life is worth living, to enjoy the simple things in life, like good friends, good food, nature, looking after the environment and people, and to have fun while doing it.


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Kite Surfing: +27 (0)44 343-3118
Cloud Nine: +27 (0)82 076-8734
Fresh Bean Café: +27 (0)44 343-2438
Café Francois: +27 (0)71 699-2856
Montecello’s: +27 (0)44 343-1780
Filo’s Take-aways: +27 (0)44 343-1380
Pili Pili Beach Bar: +27(0)44 343-3217
22˚ East Restaurant: +27 (0)44 343-3217
Wild Oats Harvest Market: +27 (0)44 883-1177
Scarab Arts and Crafts Market: +27 (0)82 737-2655
Sedgefield Classic Cars: +27 (0)44 343-1035