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Snooty Fox Restaurant – A touch of class and style in the Midlands

Updated Monday, 10 December 2018

The Snooty Fox Restaurant is an award-winning à la carte restaurant situated just opposite the entrance to Midmar Dam in the stunningly beautiful Natal Midlands in KwaZulu Natal. I had not visited the establishment in quite some time and was interested to find out if they were still serving the same fantastic dishes of previous years.

When I made a telephone enquiry, the Sunday afternoon carvery was immediately recommended, and at just R140 for a genuine three course meal, I was happy to accept this recommendation. After taking a slow drive from Pietermaritzburg, we were pleased to discover that there was ample parking space, and soon began to relax amid the beautiful surroundings.

As soon as we entered the premises we were warmly greeted by Gion Poltera, an established and experienced restaurateur who has owned the Snooty Fox for over 20 years. Gion was more than happy to give us a tour of his establishment and we soon discovered that he is a man who is passionate about food and customer service.

The Snooty Fox is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and classiest restaurants on the entire Midlands Meander. Featuring window box seats, beautiful stained glass and attractive Tudor-themed decor it has tons of character and for a moment I felt as though I had stepped back in time to a bygone era when wealthy nobility indulged in the finest cuisine that money could buy.

The Snooty Fox

Indeed, fine cuisine is what the Snooty Fox specialises in and their extensive à la carte menu (dinner only) reflects that. Featuring classic French dishes as well as new and exciting ideas, the menu is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen.

Starters include the likes of the bouillabaisse hot pot (a delicious fusion of seafood, spices and herbs) and the rustic fish cakes (topped with a tiger prawn and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce) as well as a number of other delicious sounding options. Main courses come in the form of the penne Alfredo (penne pasta served with a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce) and the chicken casserole (chicken breasts cooked in a Napolitano sauce topped with grilled mozzarella and cheddar and served with basmati rice) to name but a few.

Dessert options are among the most decadent to be found anywhere and include Turkish rose Brûlée (crème brûlée infused with Turkish rose water and served with Turkish delight) and chef’s banoffee pie (layers of chocolate biscuits, peanut brittle, bananas, caramel and cream), among others. There’s also a comprehensive breakfast and pub menu (available at both lunch- and dinner-time), while lovers of spicy food will be pleased to know that a wide selection of curries is served every Friday evening.

With a menu of this calibre I was expecting the Sunday carvery to be outstanding, and boy, was I on the money! For starters I had mushroom Florentine, meat balls and salmon, which were divine and thoroughly delicious, while my main course consisted of several slices of some of the most tender chicken, pork and lamb cuts I have ever had.

The Snooty Fox

Bathed in mouth-watering gravy and served with a selection of vegetables which included roast potatoes, carrots and beans, this Sunday roast was heavenly and excellent value for money. For dessert I had a helping of chocolate mousse sprinkled with flakes of coconut and apple crumble swathed in layers of wonderfully sweet custard. Delicious!

Mary-Anne had the German potato salad, mushroom Florentine and calamari rings as a starter and was really impressed with her dish, rating it “perfect in every way”. Her main course consisted of a combination of lamb, pork, carrots, potato, veggie bake, pasta, rice and gravy, which she thoroughly enjoyed. For dessert she had a helping of apple crumble layered with streams of custard and a slice of cheesecake, which she described as “out of this world”.

My mom opted for calamari rings, salmon, mussels and the mushroom Florentine as a starter, remarking that it was “enjoyable, unusual and surprising”. Her main course was pretty similar to what I had, the only differences being the addition of mint and apple sauce for the lamb and pork respectively, and gem squash in her vegetable selection. She described the meal as “simply outstanding” and her dessert – a chocolate eclair and pavlova with cream – as “even better”.

I really loved the Snooty Fox. The management and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful (I don’t know when last, if ever, I have seen a waitron assist an elderly person across a dining room), the service was excellent, the food irresistibly good, the atmosphere simply out of this world and the facilities (there was even wheelchair access for the disabled) top notch. I could not fault it in any way and it therefore is unquestionably one of the venues of the Midlands.

Contact details:

Telephone: +27 (0)33 330 5071
Physical address: Howick, KwaZulu-Natal Midlands (just opposite the entrance to Midmar Dam)

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